The new saloon car built by Ford New Generation Quanshun Pro

2022-04-30 0 By

When it comes to the stability and durability of vehicles, we will certainly think of Ford New Generation Quanshun Pro. F590 is a business travel rv built on the chassis of Ford New Generation Quanshun Pro. It can be used for traveling or receiving customers.● The appearance of the whole car black appearance with golden flower simple and lively and efficient.The chassis is built based on Ford New Generation Quanshun Pro, and the vehicle size is 5998x2098x2590mm, which meets national 6 emissions. Blue brand C can be driven, and the station car announcement has no scrap life.There is a middle door version, above the right side of the car has imported Fiama outdoor awning, four-way monitoring.Outdoor rest, put down the awning, put down the table, enjoy the scenery food is not a kind of enjoyment.● Power Duratorq TDCi high pressure common rail diesel engine, 2.2T displacement, 6AMT transmission, 80 fuel tank volume, multi-function steering wheel, HD touch screen, more convenient control, electric heating rearview mirror, reversing radar, cruise control and so on are also available.● Interior interior layout atmosphere classic and rich characteristics, from front to back is the cab, reception area, kitchen area, toilet, tail vertical bed bunk.The vehicle has three seats, and the cab is equipped with two seats.With business cooperation vehicles, the interior must be classy, this car’s reception area used airline seats.The seat comes with a number of auxiliary features, including ventilation, heating, massage, adjustable leg drag, backrest and more.The color match itself is also simple atmosphere.● Kitchen Area The kitchen area table in the car is a quick hot water dispensers, induction cooker, with a clamshell washing pool, as well as a steam and baking all-in-one machine and 12v fresh air system.Below are storage compartments and a refrigerator.There is also a small on-board refrigerator, in the middle of the main passenger side.Toilet USES dry wet unibody design between wei yu, internal equipped with independent sink, thetford C200 the rotation of the toilet, washing machine and the window, the top design of the storage space that opens type partly, deposit can be used to wash bath, top is equipped with two-way ventilator, convenient ventilated take a breath between wei yu, down to the bottom of the storage cell have installed the towel rack.● The sleeping area adopts the design of electric lifting upper and lower bunk. The size of the lower bunk bed is 1950×850 (mm), and the size of the upper bunk bed is 1950×750 (mm), which can meet the sleeping needs of two adults.There is a skylight above the bed, and it is also romantic to look at the stars when you rest.The head of the bed is equipped with a reading lamp and power socket for reading and charging electronic devices before bed.The vehicle is equipped with 800 lithium battery and 3000 inverter.Official guide price: 43.8W Wei Hang Rv defines a life!