The latest news!The iPhone 14 has a huge upgrade

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Due to the global epidemic, Apple’s press conference in recent years has been moved to online, and everyone can watch it live on its official website.It has been repeatedly confirmed that this year’s spring event will take place on Tuesday, March 8, and will include the iPhone SE 3, 13-inch MacBook Pro, iPad Air 5, and the new Mac Mini.The 13-inch MacBook Pro is likely to be powered by Apple’s own M2 chip, which is more powerful than the M1, but there won’t be major design changes.Given the lower cost, the 13-inch MacBook Pro also won’t feature mini-LED and 120Hz Promotion high refresh rate screens,Apple sold far more iphones in China in January than ever before, according to JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee.Data from the China Information and Communication Academy also showed that shipments of “overseas brand” phones in the domestic mobile phone market were mainly made up of Apple’s iPhone, while 7.3 million international brand phones were shipped in January, well above the historical average of 4.8 million in January.Jpmorgan’s analysis further notes that if you look at January sales alone, the January 2022 numbers are the best since 2015.Apple: None of them can fight.According to The Elec, Apple supplier BOE is having problems producing OLED screens for The iPhone, which will affect production this month and next, due to a continuing global core shortage.Specifically, BOE needs to buy screen driver ics from LX Semicon, but LX Semicon’s production fell short of its target, so boe expects to reduce its OLED panel production to 2 million units from 3 million next month.Apple announced yesterday that it will release a limited edition of its Powerbeats Pro headphones to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NBA.Aside from the NBA logo, the headphones, which cost $249.99, have the same hardware features as the regular ones.Sources indicate that the iPhone 14 Pro will come with 8GB of operating memory, which will be the largest available on the iPhone in history.The claim comes from South Korea, where he quoted supply chain sources as saying that memory components for ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ have now been confirmed, adding that the timetable for mass production appears to be speeding up.For comparison, Samsung already shipped 8GB of OS on the 2019 S10. Will this year’s iPhone finally tie the score?Well, that’s all for today. Look at the pictures of going to bed early.