How to ask HR politely if you don’t reply after the interview?

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How is your spring recruiting going this spring season?Many students said that after many interviews, they would only be told to “go back and wait for notification”, but there was no reply at all.On the one hand, I want a clear result, but on the other hand, I think that since I didn’t reply, it must be that I didn’t pass the interview.So should I ask HR about the final result?And if you do, how do you ask?So today, I’m going to tell you how to politely ask HR for the result when you didn’t reply in the interview.First of all, what are the possible reasons for the lack of reply?The first case: you fail to pass the interview, but because there are too many candidates for the interview, the HR is too busy, so you do not reply in time or default no reply is not passed;The second case is that the interview results are not yet available. In the recruitment season, there are many batches of interviews, and the HR has not completed all the interviews and finally reached the candidate results.The third situation: you are the “spare candidate” in the interview result. During the whole interview, the HR has already had a more suitable candidate, but you are also more suitable, so they put you as the standby candidate.The fourth situation: the leader has not confirmed the result. Sometimes, the leader of the recruitment department is too busy and time is tight. He may not have time to confirm the interview result, so the waiting time will be long.If the HR doesn’t reply after a week of interview, it’s basically the above situations.If you really want this position, you can definitely contact HR and ask about it.How to ask bacteria suggestions to use the way of inquiry: telephone & GT;Mail & gt;Wechat 1, telephone inquiry: telephone inquiry is the most direct, but also the most able to express your own attitude.But it is necessary to pay attention to the telephone inquiry, must be concise, straight to the subject, not too long, long-winded.Hello, I am XX for the interview of XX post which day. I would like to know the result of my interview. Would you please let me know?Thank you very much!If HR replies that there is no result yet, ask further: How many more working days will it take to get the result?If the HR tells you that you did not pass the interview, you can also politely ask: May I bother you for one or two minutes? I want to know the specific reason why I did not pass the interview?Whatever the answer, end with a polite thank you.Email is also a formal way of asking questions.If you want to ask by email, you can respond directly to the email inviting you for an interview.Similarly, in the email, you should also state your identity, the time and position of the interview, if you like the position, you can also express your recognition of the company, wish to join, and finally ask the interview results.For example: Hello, hello, I am XX who participated in the interview for XX position of your company on X, X. I have communicated with you before. After this interview, I appreciate the company’s culture and position very much and sincerely hope that you can join us.Finally, I would like to know when the result of my interview will come out.Looking forward to your reply. Please forgive me if you disturb me. Thank you!If you add HR wechat after the interview, you can also ask the results directly on wechat, but be careful about the wording.Hello, I am XX who participated in the interview for XX position in your company on X, X day. It has been X days since the last interview and I haven’t received any feedback from the interview. If there is a result, I hope you can tell me the result.1, if the HR said after the interview to give you a reply within 7 working days, it can be asked in the 6-7 working days;If you are not given a few business days to respond, you can ask after three business days.2, be sure to pay attention to ask during working hours, Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00, 14:30-17:00 these two time period is the best.3, ask, don’t ask too much, no matter what kind of reply you receive, don’t ask too much, especially don’t know after losing, but also pray for a chance, it is not only not decent but also in vain.4, only ask once, generally speaking, ask once is enough, usually will receive a pass or not through the response, even if there is no result, will give you time to wait, ask after the patience to wait.Hope everyone’s interview can have a good result, if the result is not satisfactory after the inquiry do not be depressed, regroup, review, I believe we will be able to successfully shore!Accompany everyone to rush together!