The youth of flower season seeks relatives hard, be abandoned ruthlessly however, unjustly cast into the sea, who is right after all who is wrong?

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On January 24, 2022, “Liu Xuezhou” became the most searched word on Weibo.The boy, who claimed to have suffered from “Internet abuse”, left his last letter, “Born light, still clean”, and walked to the sea alone.He disappeared into sanya’s icy tide, and also threw all his pain into the sea.The boy’s life was short and unfortunate, and Liu described himself in the letter as a man who worked hard to shine. So why did he make such a choice?Listen to zi Ya and tell what happened to this “tough boy”.17 years ago, a young couple became pregnant out of wedlock and gave birth to a little boy.The woman’s parents did not approve of the marriage and insisted on 30,000 yuan as the bride price.The young father had no real job and was unwilling to go out to work to earn money. He chose to do something that shocked everyone: sell his newborn son.To be born without nourishment is the greatest of evils.In this way, liu Xuezhou, who was only 3 months old at that time, was handed over to others by his biological father and, after several twists and turns, was sent to his adoptive parents’ home.Liu xuezhou’s adoptive parents are a pair of ordinary people, opened a fireworks workshop, do small business.He grew up in this small workshop.This day, grandma to see the children, usually always clever sensible Liu Xuezhou climbed on the trolley, despite how parents coax are tightly holding grandma.In desperation, grandma took the child home.The next morning, a huge sound from the direction of Liu Xuezhou’s house, billowing smoke like a sandstorm, many people Shouting.An explosion killed his foster father, and his foster mother was rushed to the hospital.Young Liu Xuezhou did not know what had happened, he only remembered when his grandmother came to pick him up, his eyes red and his whole body full of sadness.Because the modest family could not afford the high cost of treatment, the adoptive mother gave up treatment.Grandma took Liu Xuezhou home.This is after the accident, Liu Xuezhou returned home for the first time, the air is filled with thick firecrackers after the smell, came into sight is dilapidated room.Into the burned house, Liu Xuezhou see foster mother.The woman who worked half her life told the boy to study hard despite the pain.Young Liu Xuezhou handed his mother a bottle of his favorite drink and wanted to give it to her in the hope that she would get better.This year, the four-year-old boy lost two people who really love him.Since then, Liu has been living with his grandparents.To the school age, Liu Xuezhou to the town’s primary school.Everyone bullied the poorly dressed boy, isolated him, robbed his toys and even pushed him into the toilet.The young Liu was forced to change schools five times during his six years in primary school, but everywhere he went, he seemed to meet the bad guys.Sometimes they would call him a “wild boy.”When liu Xuezhou was a child, he did not understand what that meant, but he always knew that he was different from other children.He lived gingerly in the presence of those people, fearing that a gesture or a word might provoke a blow.After the sensible Liu Xuezhou because of curiosity, quietly registered information in the website, but there is no news.That day, Liu Xuezhou saw the picture of Sun Haiyang’s family reunion on the Internet. The scene of sun’s family reunion holding together and crying in the screen aroused ripples in his heart.He began to try to find his birth parents, he wanted a warm home.In December 2021, Liu Xuezhou mustered the courage to post a video on the Internet to find his parents. Many warm-hearted friends began to help the boy forward the video and help him find his biological parents.More than ten years passed, looking for a needle in a haystack is no doubt now, Liu Xuezhou gradually despises hope.Until he saw his vaccine at home, originally his original name is Ding Jing.He tried to search for Ding Jing, but found that no one was looking for children with that name.Unwilling to give up he continued to search on the website for the vaccine on the father’s name, this thought will also be nothing, but things have turned a corner.Trembling, he dialed the number listed on a business license with the same name as his father and asked if he had lost a child named Ding Jing.But the denial of the other side makes Liu Xuezhou lose hope again.Perhaps thinking of something, the man recontacted him.The next day, a woman added him to wechat.They recognized the boy and told him that they were forced to find a good home for him.The other side of the words will liu Xuezhou has been in the abyss pulled out, he decided that he is no longer other population in the “wild child”.At a ceremony held by the local public security bureau, Liu xuezhou met the family of his dreams.The Liu Xuezhou that thinks to find biological parents can live happily with mom and dad originally, but the reality is always so cruel.Coincidence, Liu Xuezhou heard the words of parents, originally in those days he was sold by his own father, he cannot believe that the only value of his birth, is used to change money unexpectedly.After selling themselves, they did not look for themselves. Instead, they started a new family and had another child.The teenager was confronted with the bloody truth, and an angry Liu xuezhou posted a video online to hold the traffickers accountable.However, when many people saw the video, they both accused him of hype and denounced Liu’s parents, who blocked their child’s wechat account.Liu Xuezhou tried to accept the truth and reconcile with the world.After a while, he told his parents that he wanted to have a family.However, his parents turned against him and even went to the media to bite back, saying that Liu xuezhou “threatened” them to divorce respectively, so they were willing to quell the online rumors.In order to appease his son, he also lent money to Liu Xuezhou to play in Sanya and so on.A large number of netizens who do not know the truth began to target Liu Xuezhou, the overwhelming abuse swept him, the teenager silently bear.He tried to explain it, but no one wanted to believe it. Those people only believed what they saw and didn’t really care about the facts.A child drowned in the sea, what is the meaning of flowers on the shore to see the biological parents so “upside down black and white”, Liu Xuezhou’s heart completely cold, this has given up the lawsuit he decided to Sue again.He wants the traffickers, as well as what he calls his “parents,” and those who keep typing and scolding him online without knowing the truth, to be punished.After witnessing the injury of blood kinship and the distortion of human nature, he finally left several microblogs with the letters “rebirth” as copywriting, and walked to the sea alone, looking for a new journey.Because he had been in the rain, he wanted to hold an umbrella for others. The kind-hearted child said in the letter that he would leave half of his savings to his grandparents and donate the other half to an orphanage in Shijiazhuang.It was his last gift to the world, the last echo of a stone that had sunk to the bottom of the tub.At present, Liu Xuezhou’s body has been cremated.As the tide receded, who would be responsible for his death?The birth parents and the traffickers?Or the media who don’t know the truth?Or the “righteous” at their keyboards?Liu xuezhou’s biological parents foreshadowed the tragedy 17 years ago, and then wrote the tragic ending themselves.Children are a gift, but some parents are so cruel.Liu xuezhou’s parents brutally handed him over to human traffickers when he was just born.Having children is an important event in life, and they are not prepared for a young life and choose to abandon their children.There may be difficulties, but none of them should be a reason to abandon your child.For Liu xuezhou, birth is not the beginning of happiness but the source of nightmares.Even at the end of his life, Liu Xuezhou may have wanted a warm home, with parents who loved him.At the age of 17, he was supposed to be sitting at home, feeling the joy of the New Year, enjoying a happy life, but he was gone forever.In Sanya, Hainan, the beach where Liu Xuezhou threw himself into the sea is now filled with desserts and flowers from tourists mourning him.In Datong, Shanxi Province, local police registered a case against liu Xuezhou’s parents and are investigating whether they committed the crime of abandonment.Liu Xuezhou was buried in his hometown in Xingtai, Hebei Province, without his biological parents.A boy who had gone through all kinds of sufferings finally went to his heaven, and in the world where he had come, cherished and tortured him, would such a tragedy be repeated?Are reading the article friends, your heart is a little light pain?Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments section.If you like my article, please follow me, like and forward for me, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to continue to move forward.