The History of Chinese players in Portuguese Super league: Zhang Chengdong is the first player in history, 6 native players and 2 naturalized players have appeared here

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Guo Tianyu’s move to Portuguese super League team Vizela has been announced. Let’s take a look at some of the Chinese players who have appeared in Portuguese super League history.1 0 0 ball games assists the pleasure Avis born in 1993 is a midfielder, the pleasure of the 2021 season Yu Zhongyi team wuxi wu, who in 2018-19 representative avis in Portuguese had an appearance, Eddie – Francis 2 0 0 assists BVB produced from root treasure distraction of the china-africa half-blood Eddie Francis,Currently playing for Shanghai Shenhua, he made two appearances for Boa Vista in Portugal in 2016-17.Dong made three appearances in Portugal during the 2010-11 season, when injuries prevented him from reaching higher levels.Verstello made his Portuguese debut at the age of 19 in 2014-15, making four appearances in the same season.The naturalised player made four Portuguese appearances for Alves in the 2019-20 season.In 2014-11 season, Wang Gang scored 1 goal in 14 appearances for Beramal in Portuguese Super League.Fernando scored one goal and three assists in 18 appearances for Portugal in 2014-15 before making his debut in the Chinese Super League.Zhang Chengdong has 8 goals and 2 assists in 40 matches for Relia and Beramal. There is no doubt that Zhang Chengdong is the first Chinese player in Portuguese Super league. No matter the number of matches played or the number of goals scored, he is the first Chinese player in Portuguese Super league history.