Recurrent chronic cough?How does traditional Chinese medicine prevent and treat

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As an important defense mechanism of respiratory system, cough can clear the sticky secretions of pharynx and respiratory tract, and inhale harmful substances and foreign bodies.Therefore, from the physiological point of view, cough is a protective effect.But cough becomes a symptom when it becomes frequent and intense, especially when it is chronic and recurrent and seriously affects people’s lives.Cough is one of the most common complaints of respiratory diseases, which can be classified as acute or chronic.With the improvement of people’s health awareness and knowledge level, the general acute cough can be treated by itself, and most of the patients we contact in the clinical diagnosis and treatment are chronic cough patients.The so-called chronic cough usually refers to: cough for at least 3 weeks is the only symptom without hemoptysis and no chronic respiratory diseases related to cough. X-ray examination is difficult to diagnose such diseases with unknown etiology, atypical symptoms, many factors to be eliminated, complicated examination means, time-consuming and costly, affecting diagnosis and treatment.Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of cough, cough is generally divided into two categories of exogenous cough and internal injury cough.Exogenous cough is easy to cure because of its new onset and short course, which is equivalent to acute cough.Cough with internal injury has a long course of disease, repeated attacks and other organ injuries. TCM prevention and treatment of chronic cough can refer to TCM internal injury cough for treatment.This kind of cough is dry cough, pharyngeal itch more performance, be like in larynx have content block, bosom is dry burn or burn ache and encounter excitant odour aggravation wait for a characteristic.Treatment is mainly to clear powder to clear phlegm heat, sanjie liyan with cough, Yin deficit with Yangyin Runfei Chinese patent medicine yangyin Qingfei pills can be used for the use of commercially available Chinese patent medicine, to strictly grasp the indications, understand the characteristics of their own disease, in order to play a good therapeutic role.At the same time, must pay attention is the causes of cough a lot especially involves some serious diseases such as lung cancer, severe infection and interstitial lung diseases such as cough, therefore, can not stop coughing, eliminate surface can, only to find the cause, correct and timely treatment, can improve the situation from the source.Medical Guidance