Have you ever been bothered by an electric car alarm in your neighborhood?The 72-year-old man had to call 110 police in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

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Recently in the morning, Uncle MAO called: yesterday night at 10:30 I just went to bed to sleep, came a burst of electric car alarm screams, stop for a while and call, fully called for an hour, I really have no way to have to call the police, Hubin police officers came, after checking is charging electric car touch other cars…Reporter Cheng Xiao long verification report: Uncle MAO lived in the youth road community is an old community, infrastructure is not perfect, the parking is disorderly, often parked in the corridor of electric cars and bicycles, often have wires from the upstairs window to the car parked downstairs to charge.The community has been in rectification, before the Spring Festival in the community to build a special charging parking shed.”At about 10 o ‘clock last night, I closed all the doors and Windows and got ready for bed.Downstairs came the electric car wailing alarm sound, the sound is very loud, I think the owner heard the alarm will deal with, the result has been intermittent ring, occasionally interrupted for two or three minutes, and then ring, until 11:30 is still ringing.We have a lot of old people living here. It’s too noisy. It’s impossible to rest.”I called the police, put on a padded coat and hat and went downstairs to look.After 5 minutes, Hubin police officer Wang and auxiliary police came.One inspection, one of the electric cars to pull out a little, the alarm will not sound.Further investigation, is piled up electric vehicles too crowded, a collision with each other, the alarm sounded.How many cars now have burglar alarms like this?Yesterday reporter in gongshu district Stone bridge street a small underground parking garage experiment, here parked hundreds of electric vehicles, one by one touch in the past, the vast majority of electric vehicles did not issue an alarm, individual vehicles will issue an alarm, the sound is not big, about ten seconds to stop.Only one electric car was sensitive enough to sound an alarm at the slightest touch, for a long, thrilling time.Contacted the electric car manufacturer, the staff said, “If the sound keeps ringing for a long time, there is only one reason, that is the alarm device is faulty.This is a common problem with older electric cars, where the voice control device will bark without warning because it is old or loose and comes off.”In addition, if some of the new electric vehicles have this kind of beeping alarm, it is likely to be a substandard and cheap alarm.Underground parking lot is ok, alarm again noisy also underground, the disturbance to the resident is not obvious.But in some old residential areas, such sounds could be a serious nuisance.””There must be something wrong with the alarm,” said Wu, manager of an electric car dealer on Central China Road.Normal alarms are regular, lasting 10 to 20 seconds and then stop automatically.If the ring does not stop, owners need to consciously maintain, replace the new alarm device.The current electric car alarm system has been updated, with GPS system, the replacement cost is not high, two or three hundred yuan to fix, it is safer.”Reporters in online shopping platform to check, this kind of alarm system with GPS, the price between tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.Product introduction 4G network transmission, positioning error is not more than 3 meters, car alarm can be synchronized to the mobile App client.The car owner can check the location of the vehicle and other conditions on the mobile App, and can also lock the car and turn off the alarm with one click.Wu manager said, hangzhou urban security situation is very good, basically put an end to the theft of electric vehicles, to his shop to install GPS alarm system, is more suburban car owners.”The annoying phenomenon of old alarms of electric vehicles mainly depends on the owners’ consciousness to remove or maintain the alarm devices.”Orange Persimmon interaction · Urban Express