Below what circumstance, can eat bolus of 6 flavour rehmanniae?Please don’t use it wrong. You must be careful

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Today to introduce you to a classic kidney Yin square liuwei dihuang pill, the recipe for the earliest from prepared rehmannia root, cornel, yam, cortex moutan, tuckahoe, alisma, cassia twig, aconite, such as eight taste of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is called the eight flavour rehmannia pill, the inside of the song dynasty later Qian Yi their cassia twig and remove the lateral root of aconite, became a modern liuwei dihuang pill.Medium cooked rehmannia glutinosa can nourish kidney Yin and fill lean pulp;Cornus wine meat can nourish liver and kidney, astringent solid;Chinese yam can not only nourish the spleen, nourish the lung, but also nourish the kidney and astringent essence.The combination of the three drugs with liver, spleen and kidney is the three tonic.In addition on this basis with Alisma to dampness and heat release;Tuckahoe to dilute spleen dampness;With peony bark to clear away irascibility, retreat deficiency heat;The combination of the three drugs is called three diarrhea.To achieve the effect of nourishing Yin and tonifying kidney through three tonifying and three relieving, it also reflects the idea of harmonizing Yin and Yang in Traditional Chinese medicine.According to Traditional Chinese medicine, Yang deficiency gives birth to internal cold, Yin deficiency gives birth to internal heat, kidney Yang deficiency and kidney Yin deficiency belong to deficiency cold, one belongs to deficiency heat.And Liuwei Dihuang pill is a kind of nourishing Yin medicine, suitable for kidney Yin deficiency;It is not suitable for patients with kidney-yang deficiency. If patients with kidney-yang deficiency take it, it will not only have no effect, but may also aggravate the symptoms of kidney-yang deficiency.So how to judge is kidney Yang deficiency or kidney Yin deficiency?Kidney Yin deficiency: people with kidney Yin deficiency often have soft waist and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, fever in palms and feet, a feeling of irritation and heat in the chest, frequent night sweats, dry stool, yellow urine, red tongue and less fluid and so on.Two kidney Yang deficiency: kidney Yang deficiency in the body itself is cold, often feel cold hands and feet, waist and knees.The above 2 points are the main symptoms of kidney-yang deficiency and kidney-yin deficiency.Liuwei Dihuang pill is a proprietary Chinese medicine for nourishing Yin. If patients with kidney Yang deficiency take it, it will lead to a heavier chill in the body.It’s like being cold in winter and having a basin of cold water poured over you makes you feel even colder.Therefore, we must pay attention to identify which kind of kidney deficiency under the guidance of the doctor before use, is kidney Yin deficiency or kidney Yang deficiency?If it is kidney Yang deficiency, it is not suitable to use Liuwei Dihuang pills.Otherwise, it will not only fail to achieve the effect of health preservation and health care, but also adversely affect our health.