A bolt from the blue!Nets shooter a second surgery, or season reimbursement, championship has become a luxury

2022-04-29 0 By

The Nets famously beefed up their roster last summer, but irving didn’t play, leaving a deformed roster with no one to fill his shoes, leaving Nash to play harden and Durant, and leading to injury after injury.Irving’s return wouldn’t have prevented a six-game losing streak, but it would be even worse if a player didn’t return for the rest of the season.Harris, who has been sidelined since his injury in November, sought medical advice late last month for a second time, nets’ matt Reports.His agent says Harris is likely to undergo surgery to completely repair the injured ankle, but that would cost him the season.If Harris opts for surgery, the Nets will have virtually no hope this season.Prior to Harris’ injury, the Nets were ranked first in 3-point shooting at 48 percent, but after Harris’ injury, the Nets were ranked first in 3-point shooting, and are currently ranked 14th in the league at 35.4 percent.His absence led harden and Durant to double teams.Although Harris’s playoff performance was not good, he was still worth his salary in the regular season, at least he was able to open up enough space, unlike Carter, James – Johnson after playing, will only make the core offensive pressure more.Kyrie Irving plays part-time, James Harden has a wrist injury, and Kevin Durant is still out.You can say all the odds are coming together and it’s really getting harder and harder to win.The nets are likely to continue their losing streak and fall out of the top eight of the Eastern Conference, currently sixth in the west.Really big three health can play at the same time, the nets is the total championship team, can cover all of their attack, but now the big three can’t play together, the problem will be infinite amplification, especially defense and Nash, coupled with Harris may the season, the nets won may indeed become extravagant hopes, they may do so again for a championship this season.Do you think James Harden will regret coming to the Nets with his thigh?