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Over the past 2021, we’ve shared a lot of tips on how to make the word “house” even better.So, when does a house become the best home?Is it the first day you move in, or when the long-awaited furniture shows up in the house?Today, we would like to share with you the stories of 10 homeowners who have “upgraded” their homes, not only to make them look like they want to, but also to turn them into all kinds of homes. Take a look.01 / The most able to change the layout of the house is ordinary three houses, by four steps back into a dream mansion, this 112 square meters three-bedroom, although the area is not small, but are divided into a small room, partition more poor lighting;Enclosed kitchen is small and dark;The 11-square-meter curved balcony with a great view was also ruined by the Windows and doors.How do you bring this house back to life?Stylist applied 4 kinds of methods flexibly: the balcony opens door, study opens door, kitchen tao hole, advocate defend move door, increased daylighting successfully, optimize household moves line, let whole home become more fully.02 / The most able to cut the area of the home on space squeezing dry art, 55 square meters live into 100 square meters of the 55 square meters of the two-bedroom, before the transformation is completely in line with all the characteristics of the old broken small, the original hard decoration, lighting is very poor;Each space is very cramped, the area is not enough to make a person headache.After did not think to transform, small porch became the vestibule that stores content double;Toilet realizes 3 separation design, life convenient index rises straight line.The kitchen is big enough for big things like refrigerators and dishwashers.Balcony office area installed bookcase, desktop computer, office chair, the space is still more than enough.03 / the most will expand the area of the home to see his home, I really feel that 40 square meters is not small family believe that each bought a small family of people have a “big family” heart: the house is really not big, but living to show big.The home of Mr Feng is very great “show big model”, and used a kind of method only: reasonable wall body is opened change.The bathroom wall pushes into the hallway, filling the toilet area, washing area and shower area;The partition between the two small bedrooms was removed to create a spacious master bedroom.Narrow balcony and living room open, there is a hidden housework area, the best bathing place is also here.No one will say that this is not 40 square meters, it is 80 square meters!04 / The house with the best spatial planning will not be demolished or changed. The 40m² room has three functional areas of Ms. Ivy’s home. It is a small house with 40m² usable area.To maintain indoors fully open, do not sacrifice daylighting, stylist chooses not to do partition such big cost alter, only soft outfit and furniture differentiate functional area however.Sofa and carpet define the scope of the living room, making it a multi-functional space for gathering guests and resting in one;The round table that puts on the side, its height is proper, both do not keep out the line of sight, can form the dividing line of bedroom and sitting room naturally again.05 / The most intelligent home clever borrow intelligence, 72㎡ have baby home enjoy comfortable and relaxed thanks to all kinds of intelligent home appliances, Ms. Han never worry about housework, early on the “liberation of hands” day.There are mopping machines to clean the whole house, water purifiers to ensure water safety, and dishwashers and garbage disposers to get rid of garbage “accurately and ruthlessly”.Put on washing machine and dryer, the balcony becomes rest area, window edge beautiful scenery enjoys to the top of one’s bent.06 / The most will receive home 63 square meters of 20 square meters of storage, but also changed out of 150 square meters luxury sense!The difficulty of the transformation of the old broken small can be imagined, and it takes some time to change the light.The home of static son elder sister changed not only had changed the United States, still have the receiving area that occupies 1/3 area of whole house.The black transparent ark of porch, installed the coat that the whole family goes out to need and bag;In the sitting room and the custom-made ark of condole top fit perfectly, the hand that house advocate collects for many years does income among them.Perfect practice of the nearest principle of food side ark and water bar, greatly promoted the comfort of life.07 / The most growth of the home only 2 points, 80 square meters of two homes without fear of future changes most of the time, holding the “later will be used” idea to prepare the space, after moving into the home for utility room.In order to avoid this situation, Ms. Xu and the designer made two efforts: important points such as sockets, lamps and lanterns, reserved enough;Furniture purchase, only choose deformed furniture.Rooms like this one, previously used as a study, have sockets on three walls for future use;The desk above made a sunken ceiling, the future can be directly here to play cabinets;Add sofa bed, study can be switched into a bedroom at any time.08 / The most borrowing home less than 50 square meters three times larger, with two rooms and no sense of constriction!Anyone who walks into Mr. Liu’s home will marvel at how big his home is without any sense of constriction.This is because of the use of a lot of glass partition, artificial light to make the room brighter.If advocate lie and second lie all have glazing and vitreous door, after introducing the light of outside space, inside house only a dome light can satisfy illume demand.The sitting room does not do independent design, change pattern of integration of guest eat hutch, the daylighting that can use big French window strongly so, enhance a space greatly fully feel.09 / the most able to save housework home boldly build cabinets, 90 square meters two house cool crying clean!Miss Ann’s house excelled in this respect.The sitting room has ARK of L model ground + condole ark combination, it is closed completely, do not worry to fall ash.Kitchen area is small, choose drawer type ambry to be able to use space effectively, take with article very convenient also, it is important not to take up mesa space, clean more save trouble.10 / The most likely to leave a house three months, the house is empty To say that the Japanese drama “My House is Empty” the real version, Mr. G’s home is worthy.Each space in addition to the necessary furniture, there is no other it, storage cabinets is “empty”;Three months in, the kitchen holds a record of 0 sets of cutlery.In addition, Mr. G is also the best practitioner of minimalism, only three changes of clothes a season, clothes hanging pole can be used as a wardrobe.To here, the home of 10 house owners is over, to decorate, what experience do you have or avoid pit experience?Let’s chat in the comments section.Welcome to click a “like + look”, will share the beautiful home to more friends ~