【 E net with the heart of the whole people anti fraud 】 express detection positive can claim?Did you buy it?

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In recent times, many express goods nucleic acid test positive cases are reported. If someone tells you that “your express has been COVID-19 positive!”Are you afraid to take it?If the “express company” tells you “this express will be destroyed, please collect your compensation!”Would you embrace it?!Note!If you have encountered such a situation must be vigilant in the near future, many places police received a report of fraud by “express positive claims” in the name of the implementation of fraud a recent case, Zhejiang Province Yiwu City, Ms Wang received claiming to be a Courier company telephone.It said the novel Coronavirus test of Ms. Wang’s delivery had tested positive and would need to be destroyed.At the same time, the other party told Ms. Wang can carry out claims.As soon as Ms. Wang heard this, she panicked. It was COVID-19, so she chose to refund the claim without hesitation. She scanned the QR code sent by the other party and downloaded a software, in which she filled in her bank card number, verification code and payment password.Soon after, Wang received a text message from the bank informing her that her bank card had been transferred over 49,000 yuan, which made her realize she had been cheated.At present, the case is under further investigation.Second case of zhejiang wenzhou yueqing liu got a call from the “express” in their own Courier was tested positie new crown, need the vehicle destruction and make adjustments, after carefully check the Courier number with each other and other relevant information, scan the qr code of the other party provides fill in their own bank card number, the verification code, password, etc.Then, the other party asked Liu to download an APP, liu completed the operation under the guidance of the other party, only to find that her bank account appeared multiple online payments, only to realize that she had been cheated.At present, the case is under further investigation.This is a typical customer service refund fraud. Everyone must be careful when facing their own life and health. However, it is more difficult to prevent fraudsters from using the name of the epidemic to put on the cloak of the new coronavirus.When receiving a refund call, be sure to go to the official website for verification. Official customer service will not add wechat, QQ and other personal chat accounts privately, let alone refund operations on other websites.2. Verify the refund and compensation matters with the e-commerce platform in an official and open way.And in the case of hanging up the phone, through the original shopping platform to check their processing of the goods and whether they have received claims.3. Do not scan or click on qr codes or links from unknown sources.4. Online shopping needs to enhance personal awareness and guard against the disclosure of personal information.5. If funds in alipay, wechat account or bank card are transferred without reason, please change your password as soon as possible and dial 110 to report to the police.Tips How to scientifically take delivery to do a good job of personal protection under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control?Cue!Receive delivery note left left left when charge express foreign packaging comprehensive disinfection can play a role but also shortcomings, first of all, simply spray a few surface does not cover the scope of the disinfection is not enough comprehensive second gush over a few times to disinfection effect time and can’t fully guarantee if detergent ingredients is alcohol alcohol have flame will also have the risk of burningMust be careful in this also remind Courier staff as far as possible using non-contact way such as using the intelligent express mail box and so on during the whole mail Courier transceiver work wear medical surgical masks or above level mask, wear gloves when the elevator van wearing a mask and attention should be paid to keep a safe distance from the source with others: China joint rumours that the Internet platform, the Internet platform to deny these rumors