Now the streets are full of mobile phone shops, business is bad why not close?Turns out he made a lot of money

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Nowadays online shopping is popular, more and more people like to buy things on the Internet, the elderly also learn to buy things on the Internet, it can be said that the Internet has really changed people’s life.In addition to buying clothes and daily necessities online, there are many people like to buy digital products online.Often have discounts on the Internet, let you to buy mobile phones and other digital products will be cheaper, so a lot of people will choose to buy on the net, but also very convenient, as a result, most people don’t like to buy mobile phone in store bought, so many people would have such a problem, is now full avenue are mobile phone store, why is it always fail?In fact, there are a lot of tricks, let’s discuss this topic, let’s take a look.Now the streets are full of mobile phone shops, business is bad why not close?1, boutique strength, can also promote your brand to go out shopping, we will find a lot of big brand stores, such as the home of millet, millet, huawei offline stores and so on, these are strong brands, is the house of millet millet marketing services company, in simple terms both product selling, also provide after-sales service, also to promote the brand, its strength is strong,Of course not.Some stores may be authorized stores, such as Oppo and Vivo. In order to promote their brands, they spend a lot of money to make profits for these offline owners. Usually, they can get a high share when they sell a mobile phone, which makes mobile phone stores spring up like mushrooms at that time.However, with the development of The Times, more people like online shopping, offline stores and so many, leading to business is becoming more and more difficult to do, mobile phone stores in order to survive, of course, will find a variety of ways to increase income.2, cooperate with a carrier, earning commissions and subsidy usually mobile phone shop will cooperate with a carrier, such as mobile, unicom, telecom, etc., then selling phone CARDS, after-sales service, and help to deal with broadband, etc., will get the corresponding subsidy, and profit is not low, which makes their pressure decrease a lot.In addition, operators will also launch many preferential services, as long as the store can complete the task, they will also give more subsidies, which will bring good income to the mobile phone store.3, sell other digital accessories in addition to selling mobile phone, cell phone store will also buy some digital accessories, such as headphones, chargers, data cables, screen film, following and so on, these will also be able to increase their income, to them because some people may not have the charger but still need to use temporary, buy on the net may have to wait for several days, then will choose in the offline stores to buy,There are also many people who are not good at online shopping and choose to buy these accessories from their local mobile phone store.And the store sells these digital accessories to also have very good income, because they buy the price is relatively cheap, sell words however is much more expensive than online, as long as someone buys, the profit is still very considerable.Xiaobian has words:Although now a lot of people buy a mobile phone choose to buy on the net, and rarely in the store to buy, but there is some one who is, won’t online shopping, such as the elderly and less likely to use a mobile phone, when you after the family bought a mobile phone shop, will give you recommend a mobile phone card package, supporting service and so on, also may recommend you buy a mobile phone accessories,This way a customer can bring in a good amount of revenue for the store.So since these mobile phone stores are still in existence, it means that they still have profits, otherwise how can not reduce but also more and more?However, when you go to the physical store to buy mobile phones, do not pay attention to be pit, do not believe the sales staff said what supporting services, etc., these are mobile phone stores in order to make money to give you the routine.Do you have anything to say about that?You can leave a message to discuss, if you like, remember to point a thumbs-up, share out oh!