Novel Coronavirus can never be destroyed?With important bad news from the World Health Organization, global attention turns to China

2022-04-27 0 By

When the Novel Coronavirus sweeps the globe in 2020, a war for humanity begins.As time goes on, the Novel coronavirus does not weaken, but rather the emergence of more mutants, which are not only highly contagious, causing panic in countries, but also capable of weakening the effectiveness of vaccines.For now, the Novel Coronavirus remains the biggest killer of human functioning, and all countries are working hard to contain the spread of the virus.Just then, who announced the bad news, and the eyes of the world turned to China.Novel Coronavirus cannot be destroyed?It is reported that the world Economic Forum will be held in 2022 to discuss common problems facing the world.During the meeting, WHO also announced that novel Coronavirus may never be destroyed and will become part of the ecosystem.Who say such things is based on the present international epidemic situation, only a few, can control the outbreak countries today epidemic is still repeated in most countries, the situation is not only happen in the United States and other western countries, and even many Asian countries are also affected by the outbreak, and appear as South Africa Mr Mick Dijon mutant strains,The global pandemic situation is even harder to imagine.Combined with the novel Coronavirus variability, transmission of the vaccine cannot be completely interrupted.The epidemic of novel coronavirus, the improvement of vaccination rates and the reduction of the harmness of vaccines are the primary tasks facing all countries, and the uneven distribution of vaccines has become an urgent problem to be solved.What should be done now is to promote equitable distribution of vaccines and increase vaccination rates.It is important to note that vaccination rates in the United States, the most developed country in the world, are not high.With nearly 30 percent of americans still unvaccinated, a huge amount of vaccine is wasted because of the country’s partisan divide.When it comes to novel Coronavirus vaccines, the world’s attention is on China. China attaches great importance to epidemic prevention, and universal vaccination is the most basic standard.In addition, adhering to the concept of “a community with a shared future for mankind”, China has contributed vaccines and epidemic prevention equipment to many countries in need.According to incomplete statistics, vaccines “made in China” have spread all over the world.In addition, China has actively helped African people solve the shortage of vaccines, providing free vaccines for many times to meet the urgent needs of the African people.More importantly, the omicron virus is currently the mainstream of the Novel Coronavirus. The protection rate of the first two doses is relatively low, so you must receive the third booster dose as soon as possible.It is the responsibility of every country and every citizen to build a wall to prevent the spread of the virus.