Jiaojiao: My ex-husband was cheated by tens of millions of yuan. He didn’t accuse Zhao Benshan because I work for Benshan Media

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I can’t get back what I lost, so I can only continue to be strong and brave as a single mother. My predecessor, his current mood and dignity and self-esteem have been trampled out. He is a person with a very high IQ.Is it really because you’re a grandmaster?Because his wife works for Local Media, and she doesn’t want to upset me, okay?But am I okay?I chose my career, I chose not to trust him, and what did I get?Three or four years without a chance, I tell you, as an actor I feel wronged!This is what Jiao Jiao said on the air last night!02. After the first live broadcast accusing Zhao Benshan of cheating her ex-husband, Jiao Jiao talked about this topic again in the live broadcast room!In Jiao Jiao’s view, his ex-husband did not accuse Zhao Benshan, not because of his low IQ, willing to be Zhao Benshan pit, but because of his work in the mountain media!This reason, I believe that the vast majority of netizens will laugh after listening to it, right?This is tens of millions, not tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of oh, a professional investor, if really pit tens of millions of people, because his wife in the family unit to work on the humble humble?Obviously not!Besides, there is no such thing as “break-even” or “profit guarantee” in investment. Jiao Jiao’s ex-husband chose to invest in Liu Laogen stage because of Zhao Benshan’s influence. With Uncle Zhao’s withdrawal from CCTV Spring Festival Gala, his influence gradually declined.Jiao Jiao is an actress of Benshan Media. Although she is famous, her income is limited. When she was most famous, she only participated in liao Tai Spring Festival Gala, CCTV Spring Festival Gala and Happy Comedians.To put it bluntly, Jiao Jiao may not be able to earn tens of millions of yuan in her lifetime in benshan Media. Given such a premise, her ex-husband would give up tens of millions of yuan for her?Discerning people can see that Jiao Jiao’s explanation is nothing but an explanation for her departure from benshan media!04. It is worth mentioning that, in the studio, Jiao Jiao mentioned “Happy Comedians”, the original words are: a few years ago on the happy comedians, I think I am very good, with three million fans!It’s clear that Jiao Jiao thinks she’s a great actress. She’s got over 3 million fans thanks to her talent!So the question is, does Jiaojiao’s success depend on talent?Obviously not, if she really talented, the stage as the leading role is her Jiaojiao, rather than Song Xiaobao, Wen Song, Song Xiaofeng!Five nine years ago, Zhao Benshan participated in guo’s Show, and Guo Degang said such a paragraph: when a person reaches a certain extent, he feels his energy can release itself, he will have other interests in the choice of him!In Zhao benshan’s opinion, when his disciples or grandchildren made certain achievements, they would become complacent and think that they could take charge on their own, completely ignoring the importance of the platform and the master. If other interests chose him at this time, he would be unable to control them, such as Cao Jin and He Wei in those days!So, combining with the comments from the jiaojiao, we can summarize: she is a thought actress strength is very strong, don’t think the performance is the platform, subjected to unfair treatment, don’t think her ex-husband was pit fight back, because I work here, where is she know: the cause of yourself today to becoming a 10-year, is her ego!