In the novel a dream of Red Mansions, xue Baochai in the previous article kua how good, after the article hit the face is more ruthless

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Some readers of a Dream of Red Mansions will say that Xue Baochai in the original novel is a very nice girl, which is clearly described in the author’s writing.In the eyes of some readers, Bao Elder sister is very good, it must be a we-media author like me, in order to bo flow, bo eyeball, there is no lower limit deliberately to black Bao elder sister.Deliberately blackmailing Xue Baochai?Really there is no need for this, because Xue Baochai was not white!The author in the article really mercilessly kua Xue Baochai, but as long as the author kua Xue Baochai in the previous article, in the post will be able to find enough plot to play face treasure sister.The general state is how good the first article praises, after the article hits the face how hard.I’m not making this up, it’s all from a Dream of Red Mansions…When was the first time the author praised sister Bao with faint praise?Just this time, xue Baochai suddenly appeared. Although she was not much older, she was square in character and beautiful in appearance. Many people were better than Daiyu.And Baochai open-minded behavior, with points from the time, than Daiyu alone, no dust, so than Daiyu big people’s heart.Even those little girls, also like and Baochai go stubborn.So Dai Yu was feeling sad, but Baochai didn’t realize it.① This paragraph is the most frequently cited argument by Chaifen that Sister Bao is a perfect girl.At the same time, this paragraph is the chai powder attack Lin Daiyu’s child, not as broad and generous as bao sister’s argument.At this point, I don’t want to compare Xue Baochai with Lin Daiyu. I just want to look at the problem from a different Angle.I’m afraid even the hairpin powder can not refuse, this paragraph of text Lin Daiyu successfully steal the scene!At that time, the treasure sister, has participated in a variety of remedial classes, xue family armed to the teeth, xue Baochai at that time is already a graceful thousands of female talent show.Qing dynasty system is 13 years old draft, xue Baochai at that time how old?At that time Xue Baochai just entered the Rongguo Mansion soon, the timeline in jia Jing’s birthday, Qin Keqing sick, Qin Keqing’s death, Jia Yuanchun imperial concubine, the construction of the grand Garden, Yuan princess mothering, Jia mother for Xue Baochai 15 years old birthday.To xue Baochai 15 years old birthday point to push forward, just into the Rong Guo Fu Xue Baochai, about 12 years old.Xue Baochai was 12 years old or so into the Rong Guo Fu, with about a year of time familiar with Kyoto rules, etiquette, and then participate in the draft, this process is in line with the normal life logic.How old was Lin Daiyu then?Xue baochai is three years older than Lin daiyu, who was a lollipop eating girl at the time.Lin Daiyu so eat lollipop girl, a little hair a small temper, is enough to rob the writer kua Xue Baochai limelight, then the author is how to think?As a supporting character, Lin successfully upstaged the main character in a way the author would never have done if he wanted to highlight a leading character in a positive way.At this time the author is in kua Bao Chai, or in humble treasure sister.In this paragraph, the author describes Xue Baochai’s appearance.Xue Baochai, looks better than Lin Daiyu?There’s nothing like it. It’s all in one eye.From dream of Red Mansions to modern times.The matter has been endlessly debated.My point of view at this point is to skip the question and move on to the next part.Is Xue Baochai than Lin Daiyu big human heart, the author of this thing is really in kua Xue Baochai good popularity?I’m afraid the answer is no.In the era of a Dream of Red Mansions, there were classes.The class between people determines, few people can achieve cross-class communication.I am a tanchun fan, but I have to admit that my favorite Tanchun, his mother Zhao Aunt’s family all relatives, as ordinary slaves.This kind of behavior needs no criticism, because it is the class consciousness of the time.But the author gave Xue Baochai special brushstroke unluckily, the author wrote Xue Baochai behavior open-minded, follow cent from reality, even small servant girl likes to play with Xue Bao.Be like Xue Baochai this kind of rich merchant’s big young lady, she can be sincere intention and servant girl make friend?The answer, of course, is no.The reader can clearly see xue baochai’s circle of friends. Among the young girls are Jia’s sanchun, jia’s adopted daughter Lin Daiyu, Jia’s grandniece Shi Xiangyun, Xing Youyan, Xue baochai’s cousin’s daughter-in-law, and possibly Miao Yu and Li Wen and Li Qi.Among the daughters-in-law: Li Wan and Wang Xifeng, two young grandmothers in the Rong Guo Mansion.Search through Xue Baochai’s circle of friends, can not find a servant girl.I don’t want to compare Xue Baochai and Lin Daiyu, but the author must compare these two girls.Behavior open-minded, along with points from the solid Xue Baochai, friends are all eyes upward climbing branches.What about Lin Daiyu, who is proud of herself and has no eyes to dust?At this time, there had already been such a thing as beating in the face. Although cross-class communication was rare, such a phenomenon could really exist. In this passage, Lin Daiyu, who was compared with Bao Chai, put down her stature as a big lady and made friends with Xiang Ling, a big girl of the Xue family.Although readers know that Xiang Ling is Zhen Shiyin’s daughter, Lin Daiyu does not.In Lin Daiyu’s eyes, Xiang Ling was a little girl who had forgotten her parents and name and was sold to xue’s family.Lin Daiyu and Xiang Ling are both teachers and friends. In terms of learning, Lin Daiyu is Xiang Ling’s Chinese teacher.In life, Lin Daiyu cuts needle-red with incense.In this paragraph, the supporting role of Lin Daiyu steals the scene;In this paragraph, Lin Daiyu, who is criticized, is more dazzling than Xue Baochai, who is praised.The author is really born in the face of Xue Baochai, of course, this is not enough, Lin Daiyu is just a little girl, with Lin Daiyu to hit Xue Baochai, can not reflect the thick tragedy.The author hit xue Baochai face, naturally there are more severe.2. Xue baochai is 15 years old birthday to write sorrow, write the treasure sister’s desolate xue baochai is 15 years old birthday, novel style, xue baochai is once again on the great chunks of praise: who wants to see jia from treasure chai, xi he stable peace, as he was the first birthday, Juan endowment themselves of their own, called the phoenix, to his wine scene.① On the surface, this passage seems to be a great compliment to Bao Chai.With the status of the lady of the state of jia mother, she gave a bowl of vegetables to the younger generation, has represented the younger generation in the heart of jia mother has a unique position, has been able to let people under the dish of the rongguo house men, to the younger generation.Jia’s mother’s celebration of Xue baochai’s birthday will inevitably lead many readers to believe that Jia’s mother really loved Xue baochai.Xue Baochai is really a beloved girl.But actually?If you dig deep, Xue Baochai’s 15th birthday was very sad.The hairpin powder will say I am in black Baochai, Jia Mother personally for Xue Baochai birthday wine at the theatre;Most of the ladies and grandmas of The Hall and all the little girls were present at the party.Sister Bao’s birthday party has been so luxurious, you dare to call her desolate?Yes, Xue Baochai’s birthday was very sad.In ancient times, the age of 15 was the year of the ji ji of a girl, which was a very important birthday.If possible, family members should hold a birthday party for their daughters.At this point, please move your eyes from jia mother to xue Baochai’s lively, carefully think about, who should be xue Baochai’s birthday party?Xue Baochai’s brother Xue Pan, of course!Xue Baochai is 15 years old, and Xue Pan is no small man, already in his early 20s.Xue Baochai’s birthday party was arranged by Wang Xifeng, xue Fan’s cousin. When Wang Xifeng was able to hold a birthday party for Xue Baochai, comparing xue Fan, xue Fan’s indifference and incompetence became even more apparent.Xue Pan’s own birthday was always zhang Luo’s: I don’t know where he found such a thick and long crispy lotus root, such a big watermelon, such a long fresh sturgeon, such a big Siamese pig with cypress incense as a tribute from Siam.Do you think it’s hard for him to get these four gifts?”This is xue Pan’s own birthday, he invited Baoyu and others to dinner menu.Xue Pan knew how to cook good food for himself. What about his sister?Xue Pan was unconcerned about his own sister’s 15th birthday.On his sister’s 15th birthday, Xue Pan should have arranged for Aunt Xue, inviting Mother Jia, Lady Wang, the young granny and the little sisters from the Rong Guo Fu.There are aunt Wang Ziteng lady, uncle’s little sisters, together for Baochai lively just right.In this way, Xue Baochai can have light on her face. Her 15-year-old birthday party was held by relatives. The author did not just beat Xue Baochai at this time, but had already beaten the whole Xue family.The author wrote xue Baochai desolate in music, write Xue Baochai was hit in the face, but also more than that.Xue Baochai is not Lin Daiyu, in addition to rongguo Mansion, Xue Baochai in Kyoto is relatives have connections.Wang Ziteng’s house is Xue Baochai’s uncle’s house;Wang Ziteng’s daughters and nieces are xue Baochai’s little sisters.In fact, the Royal family is more snobbish than the rongguo mansion.Faced with Xue pan’s incompetence, the Wangs did not even bother to associate with the Xue family.Xue Baochai and Aunt Xue took the initiative to congratulate Mrs. Wang Ziteng on her birthday.But what about Xue Baochai’s birthday?For Xue Baochai’s all-important 15th birthday, the whole family didn’t even give her a present.This isn’t a slap in the face!Elder let alone does not take the initiative to junior birthday, ShouYiHong qunfang open that a treasure jade birthday banquet, not of the treasure jade is coming of age at 20 years than ordinary birthday, take a look at this time Wang Ziteng the uncle, for baoyu what gift: Wang Ziteng there, is a set of clothes, a pair of shoes and socks, one hundred peach, one hundred beam with a silver lining.Prince Teng but Jia Baoyu and Xue Baochai’s uncle, so strong contrast, the reader will not feel sad for Xue Baochai.Prince Teng this uncle’s slap, hit Xue Baochai’s body, the girl can not hurt.Baochai is not only ignored by prince Teng this uncle, in fact, Jia mother did not put the little girl in the heart.Three. Jia mother said, Baochai is not jia jia girl Jia mother like Xue Baochai?The answer was yes, there was no reason for Jammu not to like the little girl.But Jia’s love for Xue Baochai is just like your mother’s verbal love for the children in the neighborhood.Your mother always praises the children in the neighborhood. In her words, the children in the neighborhood are better than you in everything.But in your mother’s heart, even though she nagged and scolded you every day, she loved you the most.No one can take that away from me!Jia’s love for Baochai was just like your mother’s praise of the neighbor’s children.Jia mother can praise Xue Baochai every day, but her favorite is their grandchildren, said Jia mother wanted xue Baochai to become a grandson’s wife readers can wash and sleep, Jia mother never had this idea.Jia never considered Xue Baochai a member of the family, and this conclusion needs no analysis. It comes from the original text of the novel: jia said, “When it comes to sisters, I do not flatter my concubine in front of me. From the four girls in our family, bao Wench is inferior to all of them.”On the surface, this sentence jia mother kua Xue Baochai, xue Baochai has reached the peak.Who did Jammu mean by the four girls?The answer has two possibilities: it may refer to yuanchun, Yingchun, Tanchun and Xichun;May also refer to spring, Tanchun, Xichun, daiyu.If jia mother said that our home of 4 girls, refers to the four spring words, that to Xue Baochai’s face is really painful ah.Jia Yuanchun is the real queen, but what about Xue Baochai?Xue Baochai even real draft female opportunities are not, Xue Baochai’s to be selected, is to choose for the princess princess.② If Jia mother said our four girls, refers to michun and Daiyu, I’m afraid xue Baochai hurt more, hit the face is also more ruthless.At that time the Xue family has put the jinyuliangyin gimmick out, but Jia Mother?Jia mother said in front of Aunt Xue, Lin Daiyu is their girl, from a certain point of view this is jia mother’s recognition of Baodai marriage.I did not say dead, this sentence can only think that Jia mother has approved the possibility of Baodai marriage, this sentence is not a solid proof.But this sentence, from jia mother does not recognize Jin Yuliang in this Angle, it is a solid fact.After xue Baoqin entered the Rong Guo Mansion, she gave her answer. “Don’t worry about it,” Said Sister Feng. “I know in my heart that they are a couple.It’s no use speaking now that you’ve promised. It’s better not to.”Jia’s mother also knew sister Feng’s intention, heard there was a family, also did not mention.For the girl Xue Baoqin, Jia’s mother really wanted to marry into the Rong Guo Fu.Sister Feng always flatter jia mother talk, only Jia mother really have this meaning, Sister Feng dare to speak out when the people.By the way, who does Jia mother want Xue Baoqin to marry?The target, of course, was not Jia Baoyu, grandson of the duke of Rong and brother of the Empress of The Imperial Concubine, who could not marry a merchant’s sister.Jia mother is most likely to let Xue Baoqin with Jia Ring, let rongguo fu concubine son, marry Xue Baoqin this merchant’s sister, has been the biggest recognition of Xue Baoqin.At this time to see jia mother said to Xue Baochai, hit Xue Baochai’s face is really painful.In the eyes of Jia Mother Xue Baochai is never rongguo mansion, Jia mother also never thought of Xue Baochai as a family.Many great writers will use the way of showing off the initiative to describe the characters, but the author of a Dream of Red Mansions uses this writing technique when describing Xue Baochai, which is to suppress xue Baochai first.In front of xue Baochai kua how good, in the post on Xue Baochai hit the face on how hard.