Baoding Wolli Men’s Volleyball Club was established

2022-04-27 0 By

The Volli Men’s Volleyball Club of Baoding city was formally established at the sports conference of Baoding city.According to reports, The Wili Sports Company under The Baoding Wenfa Group is responsible for the club’s capital investment, team building and overall operation, while Junlebao Dairy Group and New Hope Tianxiang Dairy Company provide sponsorship for the club.Under the guidance of the big Ball Center of Hebei Sports Bureau, Baoding Wolli Sports Company will sign agreements with the teams of internal aid, foreign aid and coaches as soon as possible.Agricultural University of Hebei and Woli Sports Company of Baoding will jointly promote the preparation work before the stadium test. Agricultural University of Hebei will be responsible for the upgrading of the stadium infrastructure, and Woli Sports Company will be responsible for the daily operation of the stadium.Before March 15, the main venue will be checked and accepted according to the standard of men’s Volleyball Super League, and test matches will be conducted to ensure trial operation of the venue.Baoding city will strengthen communication with the General Administration of Sport of China to start the application procedure for the opening ceremony of Men’s Volleyball Super League as soon as possible, facilitate the opening ceremony of men’s Volleyball Super League to be settled in Baoding, and take this opportunity to restore the glory of Hebei volleyball.