315 party exposure!Word of mouth marketing companies manipulate search results

2022-04-27 0 By

Inmax, an Internet technology company providing word-of-mouth services for enterprises, claims to create a closed-loop private domain traffic pool dedicated to creating brand, search and word-of-mouth services for enterprises.The head of the company told reporters, netizens in q&A, encyclopaedia, forums and so on to seek help, see the questions and answers, many are by their reputation of the company posing as real users “ask themselves from the answer” to do.For example, in a set of q&a questions about metaverse concept products, one of the questions related to metaverse virtual real estate investment, the answer said that virtual real estate investment is hot, and that he invested in virtual real estate on a company platform.”From the perspective of a third party, you can make money by investing in this.”In addition to hiring shuijun posing as real users to ask themselves and answer misleading Internet users, word-of-mouth marketing companies also have a technology “Million ciba screen”, through the setting of tens of thousands of massive keywords, so that users in the search, the promotion of the company can always be in front.The reporter in Shanghai top carpenter company system background to see, they do for an international school million iciba screen.When parents search for branded campus, reliable primary school, reliable campus, this international school will be ranked at the top.For some critical reports and complaints, word-of-mouth marketing companies will use technology to directly make the web page appear as a 404 page that cannot be found.The business manager of Inmax specially showed the public opinion purification contract they signed with a certain enterprise, and the summary of the work after the completion of the contract showed that Inmax had 404ized many negative news related to this enterprise, such as wage arrears.”The complaint itself actually exists, but we’ve 404 it out.”Source: CCTV.com