Symposium was held to solicit opinions on government work report of Linyi City

2022-04-26 0 By

On February 13 afternoon, the vice secretary of municipal party committee, acting mayor of Hou Xiaobin entrust, municipal committee, vice city Eva red wisdom hosted a symposium, listen to various democratic parties, federations of principal part and independents, entrepreneurs, “a representative of the two members and grassroots cadres” masses on behalf of the city’s government work report (draft) “the opinion of the proposal.At the symposium, Wang Xuebin, Meng Fanming, Zhuang Qianyuan, Feng An, Huang Huiwen, Li Zongtao, Han Dongmei, Zhang Xiuli, Zhang Jianhua, Gao Wenbin, Wang Zongji, Xu Tianyun, Ren Yuyong spoke in turn.Some reasonable suggestions were put forward focusing on promoting industrial revitalization, developing trade and logistics, focusing on rural revitalization, accelerating the replacement of old drivers of growth with new ones, deepening reform and opening up, ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, and improving the effectiveness of social governance.We all agree that the report is realistic in its summary work and feasible in its arrangements. It is a good report that seeks truth, is inspiring, gathers strength and pays close attention to people’s livelihood.Rong Hongzhi listened while taking notes and discussed with everyone from time to time.He thanked comrades for their comments and suggestions. The drafting group of the report should carefully review, study item by item and fully absorb the report so as to revise and improve it.The meeting stressed that consultative democracy is a unique form and unique strength of China’s socialist democracy.I hope you will continue to care for and support the work of the government, focus on the overall situation of the city, give full play to your expertise, and continue to be a “good adviser, good helper and good colleague”.The municipal government will further strengthen communication and contact with all of you, work with one heart and one mind to promote development, strive to open a new journey of building a modern and strong city in the new era, and greet the 20th Victory of the Party with outstanding achievements.Present newspaper melt media reporter Jia Lu Jie Shao Lin