Not like “garbage collection”?Lithuania asked Taiwan authorities to take over agricultural products, has submitted an application

2022-04-26 0 By

As relations between China and Lithuania deteriorate, the Lithuanian economy is taking one hit after another.Chinese customs has suspended the import declaration of Lithuanian beef, and Lithuania is clearly no longer able to sustain itself and is constantly seeking anti-China Allies in the international community.And those countries with ulterior motives, although in the international community, expressed support for Lithuania, but it is only lip service, for Lithuania’s loss is not willing to lend a helping hand.At this time Lithuania can only look for scapegoats, the Taiwanese authorities are undoubtedly the target of Lithuania.It is reported that Lithuania requested the Taiwan authorities to accept the agricultural products, and now has submitted an application, I do not know whether the Taiwan authorities will accept the whole.Lithuania has submitted an application to the Taiwan authorities concerning the contents of the supply of agricultural products to the Taiwan authorities.It is reported that the Taiwan authorities have not responded to the application, and the people on the island have refused to do so, directly making sarcastic remarks: Is Taiwan a “garbage dump”?First Lithuanian rum, then Lithuanian beef, and now produce.I have to say that people in Taiwan do not know who to sell their own agricultural products to, and the Taiwan authorities want to accept Lithuanian agricultural products, which is obviously to increase the competition in agricultural products in Taiwan.And some netizens said that this time has a “good taste”.In order to be recognized by the international community, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has made every effort. There is nothing wrong with the rum and Lithuanian beef.But apparently the Taiwan authorities want to please is not a country, from the island has imported “lai Pig”, and to Japan’s Fukushima nuclear products were opened.It is not difficult to see that the Taiwan authorities want to use the Island as a “recycling station”.CAI authorities this so-called international recognition means, really distressed island people.In recent years, the Mainland has been patient enough on the Taiwan issue, but the DPP still insists on colluding with the US and Japan in spite of the dissuasion of the mainland, repeatedly violating China’s bottom line.Now, the actions of Lithuania and other small countries undoubtedly make the DPP authorities feel that their opportunity has come, so they completely disregard the interests of the people on the island and are obviously crazy.In short, no matter how much Taiwan tries to please other countries, it will not be recognized by the international community.The Taiwanese authorities’ insistence on going against the mainland is no doubt like a child separated from its mother who can only survive in the turbulent international community with its tail between its legs.Instead of this fate, why not return to the embrace of the motherland as soon as possible, I believe that the island people are happy to see its success.Some sources: Defense Times