King ning flash crash 8%!130,000 investors were scared and lost 200 billion yuan in market value. 9.2 billion yuan fled in half a day

2022-04-26 0 By

February 10 morning trading, trillion “Ning Wang” Ningde times fell again, intraday once fell more than 8% to 500 yuan, the share price hit a new low since October last year.By the midday close, Ningde Times fell 7.9 percent to 503.99 yuan, with a half-day turnover of 9.25 billion yuan and a total market value of 1.17 trillion yuan.By the weight of ningde times, such as the impact of A shares gem dropped 2.36%.It is worth noting that since the year of the Tiger, up to today’s midday close, Ningde times has fallen 3 trading days in 4 trading days, only a small rebound yesterday, during the accumulative maximum drop of more than 15%, staged a “black door”, the total market value of 206.5 billion yuan.According to public information, as of September 30, 2021, ningde Times had 134,200 shareholders.Ningde era tiger year continued to fall, also gave many investors a surprise.After all, from the basic point of view, Ningde times disclosed 2021 annual performance forecast, annual net profit is expected to be 14 billion yuan – 16.5 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 150.75%-195.52%.This is the highest profit level since Ningde went public in 2018.Data show that ningde times was net selling 41 million yuan by shenzhen stock connect on February 9, for 5 consecutive days of net selling, total net selling 2.662 billion yuan.The King of Ning is down nearly 8%!130,000 shareholders meng, since the year of the Tiger, the highest drop of more than 15%, market value evaporation of 200 billion, half a day 9.2 billion capital flight…Source: Daily economic news comprehensive public information