What distinction is there between second liver big 3 this world and small 3 this world?

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★ What is second liver “big 3 this world” and “small 3 this world” big 3 this world is to point to the surface antigen positive, e antigen positive and core antibody positive situation.We call it big three Yang, 99% of the patients are generally high infectivity, mainly through blood transmission, body fluids transmission and mother-to-child transmission, big three Yang patients if they do not develop cirrhosis or close to the degree of cirrhosis, most of them do not have any symptoms and signs.Small 3 this world is to us in five check for hepatitis b patients with hepatitis b test results, the surface of five inside including hepatitis b surface antigen, antibody, E, E antigen antibody, the five core antibody, in this five, just as I just said this order, if is the first, fourth and fifth is positive, we would call a small 3 this world, in general,The patient of small three Yang, its virus quantity is low.But that doesn’t mean there’s no inflammation or fibrosis in the liver at this time.★ “big three Yang” “small three Yang” whether need to treat two indicators to decide whether to treat: transaminase:Quantity of drinking alcohol liver patients and easy to cause the transient rise of transaminase, this has damaged the liver, the cause of damage is very serious, it may because of liver damage eventually lead to cirrhosis of the liver, and according to the survey shows that alcohol can accelerate the progress of hepatitis cirrhosis, can accelerate the occurrence of cancer of the liver, alcohol liver is developing forward step by step, therefore,If you do not pay attention to alcohol will also evolve into cirrhosis, followed by liver ascites, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, liver coma and other serious complications, serious harm to people’s life and health.DNA: More than 105 copies /mL of DNA is the best time for treatment.Small three positive patients DNA > 104 copies /mL above need to start treatment ★ “big three positive” can be converted to “small three positive” ★ after antiviral treatment “big three positive” to “small three positive” means what is the treatment effective, or the condition improved?Liver antivirals include interferon and nucleotide analogues two nucleotide analogues including lamivudine, entecavir, adefovir dipivoxil and so on.Clinical need not all hepatitis b treatment combined with liver function test and HBV DNA ration to determine HBV replication is active in the human body, can cause damage to liver cells, liver cells of transaminase substances released into the blood, in liver function examination, can show the Alt, aspertate aminotransferase significantly increases,At this time suggests the need for antiviral, liver treatment.★ Two points should be paid attention to in the treatment process: 1, must cooperate well with the doctor, according to the doctor’s requirements of timed and quantitative medication.2, adverse reactions in the treatment process to timely communicate with the doctor, in order to timely treatment.★ Treatment of hepatitis B has words: hepatitis B is a chronic disease, the treatment of hepatitis B must look for professional doctors, mainly infectious doctor and digestive doctor, to choose drugs under the guidance of professional doctors.The country has formulated relevant policies, including the employment of patients with hepatitis B, medical treatment and so on.Now of antiviral drugs, including interferon and nucleoside analogues) won the disease control for tens of thousands of patients, delaying the occurrence and development of the disease, patients infected with hepatitis b virus to have confidence in conquering disease, normal hospital of formal antiviral therapy can effectively slow down disease progression, second liver patient work, life, marriage can be the same as ordinary people.