Step back with a smile!

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Someone said, “One step forward is dusk, one step back is life.”We always push forward as if to go back is to be timid, stupid or humbled.This is not the case.Most of the time, smiling back, often can have the initiative in life.Those setbacks in honor and disgrace, fame and wealth, are actually wisdom forward.God said, “How can you be satisfied if you don’t sacrifice a candle or directly engage the kingdom?”A brave man wins a narrow encounter, is to fight, meet each other one step, in order to smooth passage.Being verbally challenged, anger is stupid, is torturing oneself;Retreat is wisdom, ease and peace.There was a wise man who kept calm and silent when he was treated with unreasonable abuse and slander.One day, someone insulted him. As if he hadn’t heard, he went on about his business.When the other party was tired of scolding him, he asked the man in a low voice, “My friend, if a man gives something to another and the other person does not accept it, to whom does it belong?”The man was dismissive and blurted out, “Of course it’s the one who gave it to you!”The wise man smiled, “Then you have been scolding me. If I do not accept it, to whom do those words belong?”The man was speechless and froze in place.Others to the words, labels, you refuse, it is not yours, can be happy.If go to the heart, by the other side of the diaphragm should be, with each other, not only ugly scene, but also self-inflicted unhappy.Master Hongyi said in the Book Of Proverbs: “When people slander me, it is better to be tolerant than to be able to argue.People insult me, and can prevent, as can change.”In the face of insult and slander, it is great wisdom not to argue.Like when someone throws dirty water at you, do you hide or welcome?Know that the people who are abusing you and framing you are waiting for you to respond, to see how angry you are, to seize on new things to attack you even harder.Clear person from clear, you smile back, the other side see you indifferent, stay out of trouble, fidgeting is them.Most of the time, don’t argue with others, backward peace, looks very humble, in fact, this is the wisest way of life.Let a let, happy mood;Retreat, Pepsi auspicious.It is the great wisdom of life to meet people without arguing.”Vegetable Root Tan” said: “If you can do something, you should make a third of the contribution.”Whenever they can get by, be sure to leave three points to others, convenient with people, it is convenient for themselves.Know sarira, is a person’s blessing, but also a blessing of a home.Master Nebula once said something.A believer in the home, due to a separate dispute, a few brothers deadlocked, please nebula master justice for them.Master Nebula admitted that this was the most difficult problem he had ever encountered.As the saying goes, “an honest official cannot decide household chores”, the five brothers have their own positions, haggling, how should they be divided?Then Master Nebula had an idea.He jokingly said to the five brothers, “THE fairest way I can do this is to cut all the tables in your house into five pieces.Break the dishes, everyone a share;Let’s just tear down the house and share it with everyone. That’s the fairest way!”After hearing this, the five brothers looked at each other and bowed their heads in shame.Separation, points are just things, not brotherly feelings.For profit, hurt the family harmony, is penny wise and pound foolish.If you can be less dispute, each step back, the loss you eat, will become a blessing for the family.Like the familiar story of Dr. Thin Sheep.The imperial court divided sheep. The sheep were of different sizes, fat and thin. The officials were having a hard time dividing sheep.At this point, the other ministers were embarrassed to pick the big one again, and the problem of dividing the sheep was quickly solved.After emperor Guangwu knew this, Zhen Yu was not only promoted, but also praised as “Doctor Thin Sheep”.”CAI Gen Tan” said: “Calculating prajna like mistakes, backward thinking everything wider.Smart people know how to take the initiative to lose, because if you give one step, others will often give more, and the original dispute will become a comfortable matter of mutual comity.If you care about me, I care about you. If you are such a person, you will not only feel at ease at the moment, but also have a good relationship with others.In fact, life in the world, work is to be a man, magnanimous point, when something happens to eat a little loss, are good luck.Buddha said, “He who can hold himself low is the true nobility.”Life in the world, the high on their own low, back to the ground, there will be a modest way of life, will be a change in fortune, life is successful.Such was the case with Sun Shuao, an outstanding statesman of the Spring and Autumn Period.He was an official and modest. He went through ups and downs several times in his life, but every time he was able to land on his feet. He was also appreciated by the King of Chu and reached a high position in the government.He took the people as the foundation, enlightened and guided the people, and through such policies as ending the war, resting and recuperating, he made the whole state of Chu harmonious and prosperous, and was deeply respected by the world.He was once quoted as saying, “Noble men have three grievances: the strong are envied;Rich, people hate;What should I do if I have a high position and people hate me?”Sun Shuao said with a smile, “The stronger my ability is, the more modest I will be;The thicker the salary, the more I give;The higher my rank, the more respect I have for others.May I avoid three grudges in this way?”The man went away satisfied.Sun Shuao can endure, give up and yield, and always keep modest, so that he can avoid danger in big waves, turning fate several times, and finally to the peak of life.On the other hand, we are irritable, selfish, unwilling to give up, and often compare ourselves and care about high and low, and never have peace of mind.In fact, honor and disgrace, success or failure, gain and loss are external things, are not really us.Don’t take it to heart, always think of a step back, put yourself down, tolerance to meet people and things, what can complain can regret?The high realm of life, has never been ability strong or weak, wealth, status high and low, but can tolerate all things modest mentality.With a humble and respectful heart, we should be grateful and cherish our blessings. Time is the road, and life will be smooth.Buddhism often says “all living beings are equal”, which tells us to treat things and ourselves with a normal mind.Keep your mind clear, calm, calm, gain and loss, life, know advance and retreat, can flex, can move forward freely.In this life, to really live at ease, we must be at any time, in any position, not afraid of losses, modest, humane.Only in this way, can we really see everything in the world, see ourselves clearly, do things will be considerate, life and career will be smooth.