Starting a new journey, Kia K3 strength to accompany the struggle of young people

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Spring comes early, the east wind looks new.With the end of the Long Spring Festival holiday in the Year of the Tiger, young people with dreams are returning to work one after another, starting a new journey with a striving attitude of “rolling up sleeves and working hard”.Of course, no one can casually succeed, struggle on the road will inevitably keep walking.A car that’s right for you will definitely make your efforts a lot more productive.Kia K3 combines many advantages such as ultra-high appearance level, efficient power, intelligent safety, and so on. With its core strength, kia K3 can help young people who are struggling to make progress in their career.Image determines value, ultra-high appearance level makes you “like a tiger with added wing” image is the career booster, for the unremitting struggle of young people, a positive image is undoubtedly easier to get trust from others, so as to harvest more opportunities.A good image comes from knowledge, conversation, etc., and a car with a high level of appearance in line with their temperament is also a plus for image improvement.As the preferred car designed for young people, Kia K3 presents a fashionable, dynamic and individual styling style with a more incisive and avant-garde design, showing the youthful charm and making young people full of confidence.Kia K3 inherits the family tiger roaring front face, using the radical movement of the straight waterfall type front net design, LED daytime running lights and turn lights in one, the whole front face shows a high visual tension and a sense of movement, highlighting the young spirit and vitality.On the side of the body, the double waist line design creates a sense of diving speed, instantly pulling the passion and vitality of young people.At the rear of the car, the penetrating LED taillight with full sense of science and technology, combined with the hierarchical rear bumper, dynamic fashion, highlights the young people’s ability and neat.In terms of interior, kia K3 is sporty and technological.Symmetrical central console with three-spoke multi-functional steering wheel, fully create a more youthful and sporty atmosphere, create a full sense of detail and quality.The only standard 10.25-inch AVNT suspension touch screen of the same class has a sense of luxury and technology, showing young people’s unique taste.Strive efficiency is king, efficient power to help you one step ahead of the “gentleman good fake”.For young people, unremitting efforts are the key to success in career.However, at work, being good at making use of the strength of the team will make young people’s efforts twice as effective with half the effort, and on the road, having an efficient and dynamic car will naturally make young people’s efforts more efficient.Kia K3 gives you a leg up on your career with its efficient power that combines performance and fuel economy.The Kia K3 is equipped with two powertrains.1.5-L model adopts The 1.5-L engine of Gamma 2 generation, matching with IVT intelligent CVT, with the maximum horsepower of 115Ps and peak torque of 143.9N·m;The 1.4T model uses the 1.4T-GDI “Ward Top ten” engine, with a maximum horsepower of 130Ps and peak torque of 211N·m.Both models have superior power to improve efficiency with speed and help young people take the lead with grace on the road of struggle.It is worth mentioning that the KIA K3 has high fuel economy while maintaining strong power.Among them, the fuel consumption of 1.5L models is as low as 5.1L in 100km condition;The fuel consumption of 1.4T model is only 5.3L in 100km working condition.The leading ultra-low fuel consumption at the same level has greatly reduced the economic burden of young people, so that young people can rest assured on the road of struggle.With the support of wisdom and technology, the progress of life is secure and labor-saving. As a young man, the road of struggle will inevitably be covered with thorns.Therefore, hard work at the same time, but also pay attention to wisdom, so as to find the right direction, less detours, so as to take good care of their own body and mood.Only smart and flexible, healthy, happy, in order to struggle on the road to climb new heights.Kia K3 is equipped with “black technology” to help young people realize their dreams easily.Kia K3 is equipped with the L2 intelligent driver assistance system “DRIVE WISE,”Including parallel assist, FCAC front collision avoidance assist (with pedestrian identification), SCC adaptive endurance (with start and stop function), BCW side blind area warning, reversing side warning system, RCCW rear lateral collision warning, reversing side warning system, RCCW rear lateral collision warning, HBA intelligent near and far light control, etc., comprehensively protect vehicle safety.The intelligent driving assistance system, comparable to that of luxury brands, effectively reduces the driving burden for young people and helps them reach their destination safely on the road of struggle.Kia K3, meanwhile, also carry on baidu interconnected system of 2.0, support not only listen to music, online radio, voice navigation and other, more important is to have including AI intelligent voice control, remote control, real-time mobile interconnection, a number of practical function, can provide immersive entertainment experience for young people on the way to travel, let the young man in the car thoroughly relax the mood,Thus full of vitality into the state of work, so that the cause of further progress.Full energy, start a new journey.In the New Year, young people who pursue their dreams are eager to work further.The kia K3, which is designed for young people, creates a new world with its strong comprehensive strength to accompany hard-working dreamers with its product strength in appearance level, power and intelligence.