50+ short hair woman, she is the example you should learn, “3 big dress points” let you beautiful advanced

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Black grows straight it seems to be the hairstyle that every young girl dreams to try, this kind of fairy wave hair style can show hazy pure girl feeling incisively and vividly, let a person be infatuated with indulge.However, for women over 50, long hair can make the facial muscles more relaxed and the contour of the face more droopy, and a decisive short hair is actually a better choice.So how can girls with short hair look stylish?The answer to this question will be given to the protagonist of this article, Yoshiko Tomioka.50+ bingle woman, she just is the example that you should learn, “3 big dress point” let you beautiful get advanced, below we begin to parse her collocation immediately, and will dress dry goods all refine come out to everybody.Point one: contracted supremely 01: the rich gang beautiful child of colour contracted 50+ dress routine is learned not hard really, master the first principle above all, that is colour contracted.When you look at Yoshiko Tomioka’s outfit, she doesn’t wear more than two colors, and both are done by large color blocks, which visually gives a sense of elegance and sophistication.And the flashy match color collocation, often can highlight a kind of not sedate, not professional, impetuous make public feeling, and 50+ female calm and calm mature temperament completely run counter to, so it is difficult to wear a senior feeling.Colour is contracted the most direct expression means is the same color fastens wear build, with same hue but the color combination of different lightness rises, can let dress send out simple and easy contracted aesthetic feeling.Look at this Look, high grade grey attached to wool coat and knitted sweater, in the contrast of light and shade created by different materials, neat and elegant big woman’s beauty comes into being.The inscrutable sense of restraint in grey is consistent with the indifferent and cold temperament of Yoshiko Tomioka, which makes clothes and characters merge into one, intoxicating at a glance.When the body does not want too much colour, black and white are the most excellent choice, effortless chic.A profile white T-shirt, loose version and neat lines go hand in hand, easily get the essence of fashion, from the sense of quantity quietly reveal the sense of free and easy atmosphere.Such tonality of loose T shirt and draping sense of strong black suit pants and neat short hair singing harmoniously, interpreting the capable and wise female image.02: simple style light makeup element wrapped is often better than thick makeup element wipe, senior sense of wear is often the simplest, many middle-aged women feel that only wear maverick, in order to let others pay attention to their own;In fact, this kind of idea is very wrong, the overwhelming ground to wear, will only sacrifice their temperament.Women like Yoshiko Tomioka, who knows how to dress, tend to win by keeping it simple. Simple clothes are a testament to her fashion savvy.A black shoulder-padded suit, the shape of which is stiff and straight, with a strong line, is rustling in every movement. Paired with the suit pants of the same color, it shows the incomparable Women Power.If whole body fluctuation does not have administrative levels feeling, might as well join the belt of a fine serves as transition, break the formal image that business suit is used to have, the neuter style that lets graceful and graceful taste and able to hold oneself equally equally is beautiful, win not show emotion.Point 2: highlight feminine flavour why 50+ the middle-aged woman of the left and right sides can dress to show old age, explore the essence of the problem, it is to dress normally too serious and formal actually, powerful gas field lets a person retreat from three abandon, lacked approachable feminine flavour, cooperate again to go up originally show the short hair of sharp, old air feeling came naturally.How to avoid this problem?The answer is to add feminine elements to the clothes, to highlight the wearer’s femininity.Oat lubricious loose knit unlined upper garment, comfortable contracted, decent and easy, the outline that relaxation has degree space and rich gang beautiful child gentle and graceful figure curve is perfect conflation, languid is lazy the beauty that follows a sex is numerous.Resemble such knit sweater, the a-word umbrella skirt that outfit chooses atmosphere also calculates not to live up to, but if match to go up bud silk straight tube half skirt, is this elegant and charming moving temperament better?Half skirt of bud silk feels is exquisite, clipped is exquisite, express the character of mature female easy and intellectual incisively and vividly, let a person say secretly good.With the base of women’s taste add support to wear, naturally from the essence of the misunderstanding of showing the old.Point 3: use detail ornament to increase to wear to build complete degree adorn article is to wear to build the detail that very add points in, of dress pile up resemble decorate medium metope and floor tile, have the effect that builds outline rudiment only, specific very good-looking, still want to rely on furniture display and detail adjustment will decide.Wear build also is such, missing adorn article to be equal to missing soul, the integrity of integral modelling is not high.Fukuoka Kaiko commonly used accessories is the first watch and matching bracelet, black slim dress + oat scarf shawl, leisure and free with waves of lazy breath, with small white shoes to aggrandisement street sense, reduce age and young posture add a minute.Just Look at this Look is actually not how advanced, even feel a little bland.This time is about to take out the accessories, the appearance of white best silver jewellery as a foil, shine without her man, so time will quietly jing is also a good choice, silver jewelry the luster of the scattering light of exquisite luxury, let acme contracted to wear also plating on a layer of expensive gas halo, fashionable the swimmer is on these seemingly small adorn article details.Mature women with short hair are especially suitable for wearing printed silk scarves. Short hair will not suppress silk scarves, so that the light and elegant silk scarves automatically generate wonderful scenery in the neck, and the beauty can not be square.Scarves can be tied in many ways, but yoshiko Tomioka’s way of tying scarves is to tuck them all into a turtleneck, revealing a little edge of elegance and making it effortless.With a “short hair”, 50+ her beauty is confident!Above these 3 big dress points, learn you also line.I hope this article can bring you some inspiration to wear and help you precise lightning protection.I’ll see you next time.Article: small art text original, pictures from the network, if there is infringement please contact us to delete, thank you.