Think about life, doubt life

2022-04-24 0 By

Specious true feelings of hypocrisy, the reality of the result is ironic.You are not the pure and simple you in your memory. Should you remember the passionate love thirty years ago, or should you forget the indifference and falseness in the world of human beings, the innocence in your heart, the caring and caring that you dare not forget in the river’s lake, the priceless friendship or the stinking money?A little complicated and cold, still believe that the world is beautiful?Waiting for flowers to bloom, smile on life……Come is accidental, go is inevitable, do its course, let nature take its course.Get indifferent, lose calm, contend for its inevitable, natural.No shoe to find, come all don’t take time.Calm as water, tomorrow is a new day.The truth is like a vast grassland, layers of wind and rain can not be obstructed.There is always a cloud sunrise, the sun shines on you and me.The truth like plum blossom, cold snow and ice can not be submerged.In the coldest branches bloom, see the spring to you and me.Snowflakes fluttering, the north wind rustling, heaven and earth a vast.A cold plum proudly standing in the snow, only for the fragrance of the Iraqis.Love what I love, no regrets, this long stay in my heart.