The two daughters had not been home for three years: the eldest dared not, the second couldn’t

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01 “do not give up son, no matter how good the daughter is not as good as the son”!It seems that some people have been living their lives according to other people’s ideas, from the beginning of the marriage to the later birth.In the countryside, people often hear gossip, who gave birth to a daughter, who is a daughter.If you have two daughters, you will be encouraged to have three children when you meet relatives: “Have a boy in two years”!But who can say for sure it’s a boy?What if it’s not a boy?Do we have to go on living?Is the point of marriage to have children?No matter the boy or girl, are the continuation of life, have a few conditions can be, but ordinary families are difficult to raise a child, now unlike the older generation, can raise children, now have to carefully raise children.From milk powder at birth to tuition fees at school, which thing can not rely on money to support?Children need mothers to take care of them for the first three years. Mothers who take care of children are really very hard.She was forced to be a full-time mother on call 24 hours a day, unable to sleep for months after her baby was born.The child took good care of, as a mother that should be divided, every child a little headache will blame the mother head.The most difficult thing for a woman is to take care of her children in those years. She always eats cold food, holds her urine, coax her baby late at night, and falls ill.A light “again want a bar, the child is much old enjoy”, say easy, you are to give money or give out?If not, learn to shut up first!Of course, some people give themselves pressure, just want a son, not give up!Whether it is because of the birth of their elders, or because they want to have both children, they should not treat their daughters poorly because they have a son.In the countryside, there are a lot of people who “prefer sons to daughters”. Although there are fewer and fewer people who prefer sons to daughters now, the deep-rooted ideas will not change completely.Li Cuiling is a middle-aged woman in her 40s. She has two daughters at home, but she has always wanted to have a son. Both daughters are in school.Abortion is very hurt the body, the doctor also advised her not to be old, how good it is to have two daughters, old happiness, but she did not listen, or continue to “fight son”, finally in more than 40 years old when pregnant with a son.This makes Li cuiling and her husband very happy. Zhuo Wei tries his best to serve his pregnant wife, but because he is a little old, he has to be careful all the time.Because of pregnancy, Li Cuiling spent all day at home to raise a fetus, a real queen for ten months.Zhuo wei said: “The day is approaching, it is better to be hospitalized directly.”Li Cuiping also agreed: the child is like a baby pimple, can not have a little mistake!Because she was old, she had to choose a Caesarean section. The operation went well. Although there was a very obvious scar on her stomach, she succeeded in giving birth to a big fat boy.Day by day, the child is also slowly growing up, Li Cuiling always teach the sisters: brother is still young, you should yield to him!Whatever their son wants, zhuo wei and his wife are satisfied, even if they do something wrong.Such indulgent blindly, finally the son of a cow to develop a loafer and a loser.Habitual child such as kill child!Grow up cattle will only ask for money to parents every day, not to find a job, will only gnaw the old, every day and local ruffians mixed together, but even if see son so bad, Li Cuiling or blindly conniving.She always thinks that her son is still young and will be sensible when he gets married and has a family.Days long, the deposit in the home have been squandered, the old couple immediately silly, now can only rob Peter to pay Paul, so the claws extended to the two daughters there.Every time the two daughters visited her mother’s house, Li Cuiling would start to think of ways to ask for money. The two daughters thought it was their mother asking for money, so they would give it every time.Over time, the two daughters noticed something was wrong, only to find out later that all their money had gone to their brother.Sons-in-law are reluctant, the family money is less and less, daughter-in-law is always to supplement the family, so they always quarrel, as time passes, the contradictions are more and more.Under the pressure of family conflict, the two daughters feel married or to small family, can not always take money to supplement her younger brother, so the two sisters discussed recently not to return home.But Li Cuiling did not give up, take the initiative to her daughter’s home to spend money, do not give money in the daughter’s home to curse, neighbors often hear arguments, this practice thoroughly angered the two daughters.Both daughters set up surveillance cameras on their front doors to alert them whenever Ms. Li arrived, and they quickly locked the doors to keep her out of the house to avoid another family feud.After several rejections, Li cuiling stopped going to her daughter’s house. She just called them to come home, but they were afraid to go back.Li Cuiling is getting older and older, looking at her disrespected son who only knows to ask for money and has no ability to rely on himself. She feels regretful that she should not spoil her child blindly, but it is already too late.When it was time to get married, Niu could not marry a wife because of his bad character and his family savings.Now one of them dared not return, fearing that her mother would ask for money again;One is not back, brother’s bottomless pit, how much money is also filled.Early to know today, why at the beginning.It is too late for Li Cuiling to regret now, but there is no medicine for regret in the world.From this story, I can draw two points of view. First, to help brothers and sisters, we should follow the principle of rescue in emergency, not in poverty.Now popular saying: are the same age, you don’t have I can have?Especially to borrow money this matter, generally should follow the principle of emergency not poor.Other people borrow money to buy houses and cars, and all the money they earn goes to other people, and they end up with nothing.For “borrow money” this matter, have borrow have return, borrow again is not difficult, some people borrow money before say good, but wait until return money that day borrow money instead become “big ye”, want a money than ascend heaven also difficult.Still can’t urge money all the time, urge urgent, can become oneself stingy instead, oneself lent out the money to return to get a “haggling over every ounce” bad reputation.If it is urgent, borrow money for medical treatment, as friends and relatives, naturally lend a helping hand.Such a person as niu, who has a bad track record, should not open the door of borrowing money, not even once. If you lend it out, it will be a waste of water.Now there are many “help younger brother demon” elder sisters, their own small family savings all supplement to the birth brother, causing many unnecessary family conflicts, and finally the small family broken up.As a sister, you can help your brother, but you have to know how to be discreet.Second: the unreasonable request to the family of origin, to timely reject.In the article, Li Cuiling’s two daughters knew how to stop their losses in time and refused unreasonable demands at the right time, so as not to cause serious consequences. In this matter, they made mistakes step by step.If you don’t stop your losses in time, will you end up tearing your family apart?Everyone has a value in life. It is lucky that Li Cuiling’s two daughters did not become “fudi Demons” under the influence of their mother.If your life values are distorted, it will not only have a negative impact on your mind, but also make your life a mess.No one can choose their family of origin, but they can choose the kind of marriage they want their children to be.We all know that a child is a blank sheet of paper and parents are their first teachers.It is particularly important to have a healthy parent, who can transmit the correct outlook on life, values and world outlook to their children.You raised me, I raised you!Pension for parents is every children should do the responsibility, but for this kind of eccentric parents, only know to collect children’s hard-earned money, as a child has the right to refuse this unreasonable request!Filial piety is not blindly give, under the premise of being able to maintain a normal life, to the greatest extent to give help, live up to their own conscience.The writer without a pen