The top 10 ordinary prefecture-level cities in central China came out, and the three cities in Hunan were listed

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Recently, the central region of ordinary prefecture-level city GDP ranking of the top ten,They are Luoyang (544.71 billion yuan), Xiangyang (530.943 billion yuan), Yichang (502.269 billion yuan), Yueyang (440.298 billion yuan), Nanyang (434.222 billion yuan), Wuhu (430.263 billion yuan), Changde (405.41 billion yuan), Hengyang (384.031 billion yuan), Xuchang (3655400 million yuan) and Zhoukou (349.623 billion yuan).The top ten prefectures in central China are located in four provinces, including Henan, Hunan, Hubei and Anhui. The specific distribution is as follows: Hunan ranks second and occupies three seats, respectively yueyang, Changde and Hengyang. The total GDP of these three cities in 2021 is 440.298 billion yuan, 405.41 billion yuan and 384.031 billion yuan.Central GDP top ten prefectures ranking (unit: 100 million yuan, data source: statistics) Central top ten prefectures, Yueyang, Changde, Hengyang why can in this fierce competition to “out of the circle”?The busy Chenglingji wharf.Yueyang, as the “front position” for Hunan to deeply integrate into the development of Yangtze River Economic Belt:As one of the eight excellent ports on the Yangtze River, Chenglingji Port has achieved a total container throughput of 762,500 TEU from January to November 2021, ranking first among inland ports in the Yangtze River for many years in a row.Yueyang has gradually formed a multi-modal transportation pattern of water, highway, rail and air, becoming one of the most important “ports” in “seaside” Hunan.At the same time, Yueyang has gathered seven national open platforms of “three zones, one port and three ports”, including Yueyang Area of China (Hunan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Lingang High-tech Zone and comprehensive protection Zone. Yueyang has ranked the top in the prefecture-level business environment evaluation of the province for two consecutive years, and the coverage rate of single window of international trade has reached 100%.Last year, Yueyang achieved a GDP of 440.298 billion yuan, up 8.1 percent year on year, the fastest growth among the top three.Some important single economic indicators are also quite “beautiful” — the total number of market entities in The city ranks second in the province, the number of high-tech industrial parks at the provincial level ranks first in the province, and the total import and export volume and growth rate of the comprehensive protection zone ranks first in the province’s 7 special customs supervision areas.Great Beauty Hengyang.Hengyang is the central city of south Hunan region approved by the state, is also south Hunan west to undertake industrial transfer demonstration area city, strong manufacturing foundation.Beijing-guangzhou, Huai Shao Heng, Hengliu this 3 high-speed rail intersection in Hengyang, the location advantage is self-evident.Last year, Hengyang GDP 384.031 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 8.1%, ranked the fourth province, but the increment is only lower than Changsha, Yueyang, ranked the third province.From the point of view of results, it was successfully evaluated as the pilot city of “Science and innovation China”;The net increase of high-tech enterprises exceeded 200, ranking among the fastest in the province;Hengzhou Avenue digital economy corridor accelerated construction, the city’s digital economy output value of more than 120 billion yuan……Hengyang through grasp to undertake coastal industrial transfer, guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to connect inland distribution points and other opportunities, has set up power transmission and transformation, non-ferrous metals, fine chemicals and other benchmark manufacturing industry, and forward-looking layout of new energy vehicles, digital economy and other industries.Changde City scenery on both sides of Yuanjiang River.Changde is a famous agricultural city in northwestern Hunan, and its development in recent years is obvious to all.In recent years, Centering on building an important advanced manufacturing base in China, Changde has firmly grasped the “big recruitment and strong introduction” and promoted the development of high-end, intelligent, green and integrated industries.A number of strategic investors such as CRRC, Huawei, China Building Materials And Shaanxi Coal Group have settled in Changde, and a number of major projects such as Zoomcorp Construction and CRRC New Energy have been completed and put into operation, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.The innovation-oriented industrial cluster of changde major complete equipment manufacturing with Changde High-tech Zone as the main position was selected as the national innovation-oriented industrial cluster pilot (cultivation).New energy vehicles, intelligent terminals, new energy storage materials and other 11 industrial chains, with output growth of more than 30%;The industrial pattern from “outperform” to “multi-point support”;Double-digit growth in imports and exports;Changde Port has been upgraded to the national main inland river port;The opening of Taohuayuan Airport port has been included in the National “14th Five-year” Port Development Plan……In 2021, Changde exceeded the 400 billion yuan mark, increasing the number of members of Hunan’s “400 billion Echelon” to two, ranking the third in the province.Under the national strategy of “Rising central China”, central provinces are not only implementing the strategy of “strengthening provincial capitals”, but also cultivating new economic growth drivers.Experts point out that relying on only one provincial capital for economic development, with a population of tens of millions in central provinces, will not only lead to a ceiling of population, housing prices, social services and environmental pollution in provincial capital cities, but also lead to unbalanced development in other regions of the province.Only by building the sub-center of regional economic growth and the urban belt outside the sub-center can we stimulate the maximum potential of provincial factor resources and realize the sustainable and balanced development of provincial economy.Yao Shujie, secretary general of urbanization and Regional Innovation Development Research Center and professor of Chongqing University, suggested that to promote the development of provincial city circle, we should enhance the circulation and unblocked ability between regions, which should not only completely break the geographical and traffic barriers between regions, but also promote the “soft unblocked” system mechanism, overall policy and concept.Promote the integrated development of labor force, population, capital and technology in the urban circle, expand the choice space and flexibility of the land of production factors, create a new pattern of three-dimensional circulation of production factors with high efficiency, and accelerate the formation of a pattern of “strong core, strong circle, belt group and flourishing county” with multi-pole support and multi-point force.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original