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The beautiful scenery in the world is not as good as the way home.Road side landscape is an important part of urban road landscape.Urban road side green belt usually refers to the road green belt from the outer edge of the sidewalk to the red line of the road, which is the main part of the road green belt and an important part of the road landscape space.Urban road side landscape is different from the general green space landscape function, urban road side landscape has a variety of functional layout and space division, in addition to the need to meet the traffic function of the road itself, but also shoulder the city image display function, highlight the regional features and improve the ecological environment.This paper tries to expound the key points of urban road landscape design by analyzing the related cases of Fudan Design.The project is located in Halal Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, with a total length of about 4.3km.Style orientation: Halal Road is an antique street, a commercial street with its own taste and place spirit, and a “modern Chinese feelings and style street” for merchants to gather together.Design Plan 1 Road design 01 Plane road shape adjustment Plane road shape adjustment, straight line curve change, make the speed slow down, reserved parking space, create a safe, quiet “quiet traffic” mode to improve the sense of security and improve the sense of quality.02 Paving material adjustment paving material adjustment, paving foundation unchanged, replacement skin.So that the bilateral storefront connection has been strengthened.Do the whole street, improve the quality of the basic surface, at the same time, the improvement of texture and material transformation, to remind drivers to reduce the speed.Vertical height difference adjustment, the ramp to eliminate the barrier of the canal, flat slope, make drainage more smooth, walk more safe, integrated use of the idle space of the canal to the tree pool, make the green more lush, more pleasant environment.2 Entrance design · Through outdoor sketch design, the passenger flow is directed to the Halal road and the commercial integrity is strengthened.· The archway is used as the entrance of the street to attract tourists with the Chinese classical interface treatment.· Take calligraphy, calligraphy, painting and bamboo slips as the design themes to reflect the business format and enhance the sense of interest.· Take into account the image of multiple viewpoints while doing a good job of leading direction.3 colors red and yellow colored glaze, China – the sublime, joy, peace, door, corridor, landscape pavilion, landscape wall and other landscape architecture) to the Great Wall ash – quiet, elegant, ground shop, scene wall stick a face, landscape architecture, seats etc) jade fat white, clean and pure, good lucky for you (scene wall facing, scattered stone sculpture, ground, etc.) black, composed, inside collect, pavement, sketch, corridor, pavilionEtc.) wood primary color – although made by people, just like the sky (sketch frame, building facade) Locacia green – to create a quiet, elegant (mainly green plants, dotted with some flowering plants) 4 commercial facade business type suggestion: antique shop, tea, Chinese medicine, calligraphy, calligraphy and painting, qin chess, national clothing, supporting catering, etc.The facade of the ground floor business is controlled in five kinds, and a more varied and unified facade image can be obtained through such combination.Yingjisha County is located in the southwest of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the northern foot of kunlun Mountains, the western edge of Tarim Basin.Century Avenue, namely zhongerlu urban section, located in the northwest direction of Yingjisha County.From chengbei Creek in the north to the intersection of Qiolepan Road and Xinshi Road in the south, with a total length of about 5.0 kilometers.The width of the road red line is 100 meters, and the width of the lane is about 24 meters, with 6 lanes in both directions.Sidewalk width 8 meters in both directions;The width of the green belt on both sides of the road is 30 meters.The theme, function, style and design form of the whole section are determined according to the location, nature and grade of each section of the road.Make the section long but not monotonous, in the unity of the different landscape.02 Carefully designed landscape nodes interspersed in the section, such as a series of pearl, make the road landscape wonderful.Planning culture-themed sculptures and public artworks, making road landscape a linear carrier of humanistic landscape.The road landscape pays attention to the ecological design, the road greening has the abundant width, the green quantity is large, the level is many, the form is beautiful, not only forms the beautiful visual green corridor, but also becomes an ecological corridor connecting the city and the nature.Make full use of the natural and cultural resources around the road to create a unique road landscape image of its own charm.The principle of systematic integration takes the road system as an organic part of the whole urban landscape, and comprehensively considers the position, function and effect of the road landscape in the overall urban landscape, so as to complement the construction of the overall urban landscape and create a modern urban landscape line.Road landscape greening should reflect the characteristics and connotation of the surrounding region, so as to better integrate with the surrounding environment.Urban road landscape greening is an organic part of urban ecological system. The wide road green belt plays a connecting role and has a great influence on ecological environment construction.Improve road ecological environment by increasing green quantity and green coverage rate.The road landscape should take into account the needs of people, improve the functional facilities of the road, and provide appropriate outdoor leisure space for pedestrians.Project positioning through landscape renovation and appropriate transformation to quickly improve the overall image of the road, increase along the road landscape highlights.Century Avenue is not only the link between Injisha and the outside world, but also the window for the outside world to understand injisha.Century Avenue is a characteristic urban traffic and life trunk road that fully displays the image of Yingjisha.The design concept forms a scientific node distribution system by establishing a systematic and perfect node layout model, and finally forms a node layout and planning structure of five sections, three points, one heart and one line.The fifth section is “innovation eternal” scenic spot, “harmonious health” scenic spot, “lilac blessing” scenic spot, “Willow green Sash” scenic spot and “golden Populus euphratica” scenic spot.The three points include jolepan Road node, greenbelt node in front of the station and node at the north end of the avenue.As the “green heart” in the middle of century Avenue, Longfu Lake Park enriches the green open space of the urban road and leaves a deep impression on the city.First line: Century Avenue is the urban and landscape main line of Yingjisha County, playing an important role in Yingjisha County.It is not only the link between Yingjisha County and the outside world, but also the window for the outside world to understand Shule.Considering the urban road side landscape is conducive to improving the overall municipal road landscape effect, is an important window of urban elegant demeanor, but also shoulder the important function of creating ecological, health and safety public space for the city.Therefore, it is suggested to pay attention to the following points in urban road side landscape design: 01 Improving the ecology of municipal road by landscape design To integrate road green space and urban ecological corridor system, and improve the ecological corridor function of municipal road green space.Optimize the spatial elements of roadside green space and improve the ecology of municipal roads through plant design.Urban road side landscape design should not only reflect the landscape style of urban road, but also integrate with the road space to show the characteristics of urban road.In the design, fully excavate the history and culture of each road section, and integrate it into the design of garden landscape with its theme, so as to present the historical inheritance of the street in the form of landscape space or landscape nodes.In view of the linear layout of road greening, the slow path system should be considered in the design of roadside greening space.The slow traffic system built along urban roads can connect various traffic hubs and most efficiently meet residents’ demands for green transportation and recreation.Combining with the nature of surrounding land, introduce crowd activity space. Combining with the needs of surrounding users, the fitness planning and design can be combined with the overall design of green open space in the roadside green space to enrich the activity space.References:Urban road landscape construction and optimization design on both sides of the public space _ Yin Yuqi urban road green space landscape transformation strategy to explore the _ chun-hui li health city road under the roadside _ QuKui analyses the urban road green space landscape design of roadside landscape, in the case of xuzhou weft ten six-way _ Ding Rong cohesive problem of municipal roads and landscape design _ Wang Suo regional humanities oriented wayLandscape design along the line _ Yang Warship part of the picture selected from the public network, copyright belongs to the original author all, if there is an objection to contact delete.-END-