Lesson 5: Beside the Right Ear

2022-04-24 0 By

Vertical beyond.The upper ear is much larger than the lower ear, which is often flattened.1 Notice the force of the pen here.We need to slow down here and adjust the front carefully.The upper and lower ears can be very heavy.Vertical beyond a lot, appears to have ancient meaning.Vertical can have a prime at the end, similar to vertical.Vertical pen with the way of cutting back, firmly, to highlight the miFu show-off skills.The right ear is very big, even bigger than the part on the left, this is an unconventional approach, very bold.Note the vertical starting stroke.Bottom up into the pen, and then against the top.The vertical is not only much longer, but also in an S shape.The lower half and the corner of the adjustment of the front is also very difficult, need to press and then mention, make full use of the flexibility of the pen.I’m big Head.I have built an interesting interactive platform for you, welcome to play.Book friends can communicate freely with each other, and you can also get video comments on datou’s homework.Need a friend, can contact me.We focus on Mi Fu calligraphy.From strokes, to radicals, from structure to character, Datou will provide you with a systematic curriculum.Welcome to join our calligraphy learning team!