As the saying goes: color word head a knife, piano prince forget, Cao Cao love zhang Xiu’s aunt lessons

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Ancient people often say that love jiangshan more people love the United States, this sentence seems simple, but directly out the two pursuit of the ancients, one is in charge of jiangshan achievements as the monarch, the second is a beauty in her arms to enjoy the sweet love, but the former basic fighting in the s, since the ancient times of peace with the idea of people is the offence of insurrection.So more often only the pursuit of the latter, the so-called hero beauty people since ancient times, so most of the ancients is a temperament middleman, such as the qing wu sangui, the coronal one anger is a beauty, in the early years was also resistant to enter the qing wu sangui because Chen round problems directly choose to take refuge in the enemy, only from the point of view of personal feelings can be quite oriented operation.But love has to have a degree, because there is a word called femme fatale, the earliest and most experienced should be must play emperor weeks you king, he praised si’s favor at that time it is hard to see what the have, but the beauty has a characteristic, is the high cold, love to laugh, you king zhou left no stone unturned way, so to speak.Finally all have no result, but to see far cold day week you king was unwilling, so he thought about the light beacon tower and various governors think what happened to the king, finally catch up, tired panting, praised si finally laugh at this time, but the Wolf also had decimated the authority of the king, until the end.King zhou You this operation can be said to be for her to press the fate of the whole country, also explained a thing at the same time, a knife on the head of color word, today’s piano prince forget, Cao Cao lusts after zhang Xiu aunt profound lesson.Li yundi’s tragedy to tell you the truth, now the so-called entertainment is not clean, can be described with good and evil people mixed up, because in this circle of people think, not how to make good films, but how to get higher rates of interest, this increasingly falling from the works of film and television music quality can see out.In this flow for the king of the circle, it can be said that you have much high heat, can bring much economic benefits, that is to say, now the concept of the so-called star has changed, the main purpose has become to make money, and for the so-called high heat set a lot of people.These people are often able to subtly help stars to improve their popularity, but some people always like to longterm, their own do not want to do things, such as someone’s outstanding students set, the results of the college entrance examination no problem of poor students, do not know the fans competing to imitate learning methods face will hurt.Of course, this overturned the situation of the star more than one person, for example, we can not hide the document yes we have a child, this despicable means forced to jump was once said by fans as a sense of responsibility, have a sense of responsibility, real three views of the ground, if it is really so early why go, also set up the innocent people.Of course, everyone has needs, but the piano prince is a bit miserable.A few months ago, the arrest of li Yundi, known as the prince of the piano, sparked a heated debate after police in Beijing began investigating allegations of illegal activities involving sex trafficking in a neighborhood in chaoyang.Li Yundi’s design originally gave people a good feeling, after all, the girl who can play the piano will not be bad there, and also belongs to a very handsome, elegant kind, so the occurrence of this event makes many people feel unbelievable.As a star with such high popularity, one should do the right thing to guide the public.For li yundi such public figure, is itself the opinion leader, that is to say, their words and deeds to control public opinion to some extent, is also has a bigger voice, so in terms of doing basic are countless pairs of eyes staring at the, a small mistake will be infinite amplification, let alone such a thing.So Li Yundi this risk from the operation can be said to be a bit of the nature of death, which also fully shows that the color word head a knife, 36 plans in a plan is a beauty trap, so the ancients have long left a lesson, but Li Yundi still suffered a loss.Even in the TV play often can appear the bridge segment that uses beautiful sex to kill people, in the film and television works of the War of Resistance against Japan, the Japanese army always sells some beautiful woman, use beautiful appearance to confuse some enemy senior officials, after its relax guard, take its by surprise kill.In addition, it is also a thriller often use cliches and routines, dark night, there will always be all sorts of beautiful female the ghost to find unknown alone traveller coquettishly, withstand charm people tend to be killed on the spot and real cases, of course, in the history of real example still exist, except king zhou with the story of the fox da ji,The two most classic stories occurred in The Three Kingdoms Period. The first story is about Liu Bei’s marriage to Eastern Wu. Zhou Yu directly used Sun Shangxiang, sun Quan’s sister, as bait in order to win liu Bei’s visit to Eastern Wu.Liu Beilai, sure enough, and a day after married pleasure-seeking, things don’t give a damn about jingzhou, was waiting outside in the zhao zilong rash, liu bei if it really possible to drown, but fortunately, zhuge liang exceeds, use tricks to liu bei, return to jingzhou is not recruit had big day.But Cao Cao is a bit miserable, although cao boss is a fierce hero in turbulent times, like beauty is also very normal, say again, ancient great husband three wife four concubines is also very normal things, but Cao Cao has a special hobby, is greedy for other people’s wife, that is to say, like other people’s women, especially married women.There is also a classic saying that your wife I raise, although here refers to the wife and children, but in Cao Cao’s view, only the wife, due to cao boss lecherous, later also eat a big loss, when Cao Cao led the army to capture Wan City, Zhang Xiu surrendered, the result cao Cao drank much directly asked this city can there be prostitutes?Next the person of its at hand looked for zhang Xiu’s aunt, see the appearance of such empress dowager, Cao Cao asks directly can wish to be together with me seat altogether pillow deny?Zhang Xiu felt greatly humiliated after knowing this. He had surrendered and resolutely led his troops to attack Cao Cao. At this time, Cao Cao was immersed in gentle countryside and did not know what happened.Zhang Xiu to kill, Cao Cao that call a scramble, as a result of the incident suddenly, so the scene was once very confused, in the war caused by this beauty, Cao Cao’s effective war will Dian Wei to cover Cao Cao retreat finally suffered from the enemy on many sides, fighting death, can be said to be quite miserable.Summary through these fresh examples enough to explain, Cao Cao such a hero also sad beauty pass, so do not be lost mind by beauty, secondly, there is no free lunch, so many previous lessons, our piano prince Li Yundi is still at the sacrifice of their own, also became a negative textbook.