2 years ago, the father changed his daughter’s Chinese citizenship, which is hot search, now she successfully participated in the Winter Olympics?

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Article | sauce son unauthorized ban violators will be reprinted in 2020, there was a father to the police station deal with move of nationality for his daughter.The father told the staff that his daughter, a former m national, was studying figure skating and was taken by the national Sports Bureau.Now her daughter is going to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, and she wants to take part as a “Chinese citizen” and win glory for the country.It was suddenly aroused the concern of the public, and deal with personnel also is very slow, have been in communication with the relevant personnel, contact the entry-exit personnel, and told the father to his relief, daughter to participate in the Olympics, with Chinese want to win honor for our country, countries will support, and help them.But then there was an “incident”.Although the staff has been actively communicating and trying to help with the process, according to the normal process, the father’s daughter is still unable to become a Chinese nationality before the 2022 Winter Olympics.At this time, my father took out the letter of introduction stamped by the General Administration of Sport of China, hoping that all departments could cooperate and deal with it urgently.The father then went to the immigration bureau with the relevant documents, which were also approved by the Ministry of Public Security, and the daughter is expected to become a Chinese citizen before the Olympics.After reading the report, the public also congratulated the father, expecting his son to perform in style in the Winter Olympics and win glory for the country.Now, the 2022 Winter Olympics have opened.Everyone also in the figure skater list to find this year’s efforts to turn back to the Chinese nationality of the girl, and so she won glory for the country.Eagle-eyed netizens found that when the father handled the nationality transfer, the girl’s name on the document was Li Anqi. Unfortunately, she was not on the list of this year’s Winter Olympics athletes, but she was truly an excellent “figure skater” in China.In 2019, China authorized “figure skating legend” Chen Lu to launch the “Morning Dew Project”, aiming to cultivate a group of outstanding figure skaters and free skaters to compete and win glory for the country in the 2022 Winter Olympics.Li, who has been practicing figure skating since she was a child and has been living abroad, was excited to become a Chinese citizen and bring honor to her country.With the support of his parents, Li Went back to China with his parents to participate in the “Morning Dew Plan” project. Excellent Li was also recognized by the National Sports Bureau and coach Chen Lu and successfully selected into the project, becoming the seed player to compete in the “Winter Olympics”.In 2020, Li anqi successfully won the silver medal of women’s single skating at the World Figure Skating Championships, but because there was only one quota for China to compete in the Winter Olympics, and this quota was won by Zhu Yi, so Li Anqi was excluded from the Winter Olympics.But there is no denying that Ang Lee has a promising future.Zhu Yi, who represented China as a figure skater, also returned to Chinese nationality midway through the competition.Zhu Yi was born in California on September 19, 2002, but her ancestral home is Ezhou, Hubei province.Zhu Yi began to learn skating at the age of seven and a half. She has been fond of skating since childhood and is also gifted in this aspect.In 2018, under the age of 16, she mastered all kinds of “triple axel” and won the women’s singles champion of the “Rookie Group of the Us Figure Skating Championship” in the same year, becoming a “new star” in the Us figure skating circle.But then Zhu Yi has made a decision, she will return to the Chinese nationality, as a “Chinese athlete” to participate in the Winter Olympics, win glory for the motherland.Although zhu Yi’s father was a brilliant student at Harvard University, he is now a scientist. Although he has lived abroad for many years, he has always taught his daughter not to forget her roots, and one day she will return to her motherland and make a contribution to her country.At that time, many Chinese people greatly agreed with Zhu Yi’s decision, thinking that she was worthy of being called “Chinese children”.But at the same time, Zhu Yi was also marginalized by the original nationality, the original nationality obstructed by every means, not to let Zhu Yi return to China.After many difficulties, With the support of her parents and the help of her motherland, Zhu Yi successfully returned to the embrace of her motherland and took part in the “Morning Dew Project” to compete as a “Chinese player”.Now, zhu Yi has won the only place to represent China in figure skating at the Winter Olympics, and everyone has high hopes for her.In fact, no matter Zhu Yi, gu Ailing and Li Anqi, who also gave up their original nationality and returned to the motherland, want to win glory for the country, they are all excellent athletes, and other Chinese athletes who strive hard on the sports field will also be the pride and pride of our people and the motherland forever.End ~ cheer for the athletes in the comments section!Pay attention to me, for you to push a hotspot of the article!Don’t forget to give me a button three link oh, love you!