Taiyuan Yangqu County: printed grass-roots forest prevention guide line

2022-04-23 0 By

Yangqu county to carry out forest fire fighting practice.On March 15, Yangqu County Lingjing store township big fangshan village, forest ranger Zhao early came to the village peach ditch mouth forest fire control checkpoint, these days into the mountain personnel increased significantly, forest fire protection pressure increased sharply.”Into the mountain to sweep the” fire code “registration, with lighter to hand over.”Lao Zhao seriously and every staff into the mountain publicity fire knowledge.”The county unified the grass-roots forest fire prevention and control work guide, easy to learn, according to the guide, we know exactly what we need to promote, what we need to check.”Laozhao says.After entering the forest fire prevention period, Yangqu County detailed deployment of related work, multiple departments closely cooperate, build a strong forest firewall.The county has always taken the control of man-made fire sources as the first line of defense, and has continuously strengthened mass prevention and treatment, grid management, strengthened monitoring of the forest and the surrounding key people, and strictly prevented fire caused by playing with fire.For the upcoming qingming festival, “May Day” holiday, the county will make greater efforts to patrol and protect forests and inspect strictly put an end to illegal farming, folk in the fire with fire, production and construction, the wild life in the fire with fire, it is strictly forbidden grave burn and point put kongmin light, especially the crisscross area of agriculture and forestry fire management as the key, it is forbidden to all field in the fire.The county closely focused on key areas, nature reserves, state-owned forest farms, scenic spots and other sensitive parts, the implementation of fire prevention, key monitoring measures, resolutely put an end to fire into the mountains into the forest.In strict defense at the same time, Yangqu County every day to arrange 8 fire teams with equipment to carry out inspections, the existence of hidden dangers found in a timely manner, rapid disposal.This is an important measure of forest fire prevention, can achieve early detection, early disposal, prevent small fires into a disaster.The county fully relies on forest rangers, watchtowers, video surveillance, drones and other means to implement three-dimensional network fire patrol, play the role of forest grassland fire outpost, effectively achieve early detection, early reporting.Especially in the period of high risk of fire, the county also timely carry out weather modification operations, increase the moisture content of forest fuel, increase the surface humidity under the forest, relieve the pressure of fire prevention.Everyone is responsible for forest fire prevention, Yangqu County make full use of the media, propaganda slogans, public service advertisements and other forms, let the publicity car run, loudspeakers sounded, red armbands of forest rangers floated up, to create a strong forest fire prevention social atmosphere.Source: Taiyuan Evening News