Dream journey to the west: Haowen “three brush chicken team” all lost, the ninth experience no elimination tournament!

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Hello, everyone, I am super golden monkey, to provide you with quality articles.Rank monkey Treasure palace haowen go to battle wu Shen altar “three consecutive defeats” the speed of light off work, apprentice Kim diplomatic failure Haowen poetry and Painting clothing team all clothing 187 experience of the united Wu Shen altar from poetry and Painting clothing team Haowen in the rank game avatar Monkey Treasure Palace lian ke opponent got the tickets to the points,Moreover, haowen specially asked the boss of the team to spend millions of dollars to update the high experience number of the first team, in order to advance to the knockout round even if he only gets 3 victories in the points competition. Of course, this time the high experience number of the haowen team is also very successful, ranking ninth in the total experience of the entire service.Even if met twice the hao Wen is also able to steady no problem to advance to the knockout.Although it is said that sun Wukong, the god of the United Military Forces, had two chances to fail, but Haowen was very unfortunate in the first game. In the first game, he was defeated by Gusu City, who carried the god of War with 30 million yuan. In the match between the two sides and the same national standard team, Haowen lost rapidly only 23 rounds.Lost to the current gusu City chicken suit team.HaoWen team lost big g in the chicken top lane first sun wukong luck a little bit less brush to carry 30 million ares of gusu city, but the second HaoWen luck is no longer like the first game, after all, system will be the winner and the winner of brush brush area, the losers and loser to brush, in this game HaoWen brushed the top fang clan;Duke William of zhuangyuan Square is playing with a team of uniforms and fighting with Sun Wukong!On the game law HaoWen small gram by top lane, but with the underworld3 HaoWen on the punctuation kill squad is definitely a big opponent, but in the end the game HaoWen hasn’t been able to organize effective attack, finally lost the game, two games to start losing the chicken suit the team, HaoWen directly to suit all 9 experience all the advantages of waste,If the back brush area against the giants can only diplomatic promotion.Haowen lost the first two games in a row, but haowen couldn’t afford to lose the next three games. In the third game, the official was very good and gave Haowen another team in the chicken suit.And this one game HaoWen all open tiger array in law directly to the big g of absolute advantage, but this one game HaoWen did not choose the datang gb both games to play before, but chose to huaguo mountain four cover a squad, although front method to get the big advantage, but with four confirmed on a squad is by gb team,In the end, Haowen’s own flower and Fruit mountain was constantly killed by the other side, and the four assistants could not organize an effective attack after Haowen lost the game quickly. In the elimination tournament, he lost three games in a row and could not save the Team. Even though the boss spent millions to update the high experience number, he finally failed to reach the round of 16.Fun city service team with the poetic HaoWen served as the first two innings were lost to the opponent team, but poetic service team has served experience even 3-9 can also qualify, but fun city is impossible 3 win promotion to suit the team, the remaining three games for fun city is also a waste of time, HaoWen apprentice arkin has a direct diplomacy with fun city boss a wave,However, even though the game was played to Haowen, Haowen still failed to win the match, and fans also joked that it is impossible for Poetic Painting to reach the round of 16 without changing the main conductor, and updating the first experience is useless.What do you think?Feel free to comment below.For more, follow super Golden Monkey